Where is Snow Tha Product parents from?

Snow Tha Product is the socially-conscious raptress the world needs right now. Born Claudia Alexandra Feliciano in San Jose, California, to undocumented Mexican immigrant parents, the rapper is set to the judge the US Finals of Red Bull Batalla, the world’s largest Spanish rap battle, this weekend.

What is snow the products real name?

Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza
Snow Tha Product / Full name

How old is snow the product?

35 years (June 24, 1987)
Snow Tha Product / Age

Is Snow Tha Product black?

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Marching in solidarity with the black community and fighting against institutional racism, Mexican-American rapper Snow Tha Product (real name: Claudia Feliciano) is among the thousands of people who are chanting “black lives matter.”

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How much does it cost to book snow the product?

One example fee to book Snow Tha Product is in the starting range of $25,000-$39,999. Also, their speaking fee might be different than the fee shown for the cost to perform or to just appear. Popularity, career stage, along with current demand will cause fluctuations in their speaking price too.

What happened to snow and JuJu?

On July 10, 2019, they announced their engagement when JuJu proposed to her. In late March 2022, Snow shared via her social media stories that the couple broke up after having a few rough months together. They have a YouTube channel called “everydaydays” and a podcast called “everynightnights”.

Where did snow go to jail?

In 1989, when Snow was only 19, he had been involved in a knife fight, an entanglement which, several years later, sent the rapper to the Metro Toronto East Detention Center on charges of attempted murder. Although it was eight months before Snow was acquitted of all charges, he kept himself busy with his music.

What happened informer snow?

He ended up spending nearly a year in jail while awaiting trial on two counts of attempted murder. While in jail, he wrote “Informer,” which was inspired by the incident. The charges were reduced to aggravated assault, and he was eventually acquitted. Snow was released from jail and the rest is history.

How old is snow the rapper?

53 years (October 30, 1969)
Snow / Age

How did Snow Tha Product get her name?

Her name is a nod to the Disney princess Snow White, and originally went with that as her rap name. Later she would add “the Product” to her name and then ultimately decided to use “Snow Tha Product” as her official name. She started off by writing a few songs in Spanish, and eventually got noticed by Jamie Kohen.

What nationality is Snow Tha Product?

Snow Tha Product / Nationality

What happened to Snow Tha Product vibe higher album?

About Vibe Higher

The mixtape was delayed because of Snow’s priorities, a situation with YouTube personality Tana Mongaeu, Snow’s girlfriend JuJu, and Snow’s ‘Snow Trip’ tour. The official release remastered a majority of the tracks and added four new songs alongside Jandro.