Where is Todd Spodek now?

Todd Spodek has his own law firm in New York City called Spodek Law Group.

Who is Todd Spodek in real life?

Todd Spodek is currently a New York City criminal law attorney at Spodek Law Group. He went to Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and majored in criminal justice. According to Victoria Spodek’s LinkedIn account, she worked at her husband’s law firm as an attorney for eight years.

Is Todd Spodek still married?

The real Todd Spodek is married to Victoria Spodek, who like the fictionalized Margaret in the series is also an attorney.

What happened to Anna Delvys lawyer?

Sorokin was hit with a four-to-12-year sentence in 2019 on grand larceny and theft of services convictions for posing as the scion of a wealthy German family with a 60 million euro fortune.

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Did Rachel get her money back?

While Sorokin was found guilty on four counts of theft of services, one count of attempted grand larceny, and three counts of grand larceny, she was not found guilty for stealing from Williams, and even though she was found not guilty, Williams’ credit card company did forgive the majority of her debt.

Who is Todd based on Inventing Anna?

Arian Moayed as Todd

The character of Todd is based on the real person of Todd Spodek, who represented Anna during her trial. Anna was close to her lawyer, a storyline that has been carried into the show. Todd is portrayed by Arian Moayed.

How did Todd Spodek get paid?

Delvey paid her lawyer, Todd Spodek, with money she got from Netflix, and she paid restitution to her victims using Netflix money.

Is Neff still friends with Anna?

The aspiring filmmaker is still friends with Anna, and served as a consultant on the Netflix series.

Who was Anna Sorokin’s lawyer?

In real life, Anna got in touch with lawyer Andrew Lance in 2016, according to HITC. She reportedly used fake financial documents and said that her funds were located abroad before she was connected with City National Bank and Fortress Investment Group.

What happened to Andrew Lance?

(In 2019, Sorokin was found guilty of theft of services and grand larceny, having scammed more than $200,000 from banks and luxury hotels.) Now that his involvement with Sorokin is behind him, Lance still works as a New York City-based partner in Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, where he’s been employed since March 1999.

What does Anna Sorokin do now?

Sorokin was released from federal jail on Oct. 7, 2022, on a $10,000 bail bond. Sorokin will remain under house arrest, with electronic monitoring, at her New York apartment.

How much of Netflix Inventing Anna is true?

Plenty of the bizarre events of the series are real, but a few storylines are aggrandized or completely fabricated. Anna doesn’t recall overstaying her welcome on an acquaintance’s yacht or racking up $400k on someone else’s credit card at Bergdorf Goodman.