Where is Tyler Henry’s home?

Personal life. Henry is a native of Hanford, California, a small rural city near Fresno.

Is Tyler Henry still with Clint?

Tyler Henry has been dating Clint Godwin for a few years now.

How old is Tyler Henry?

26 years (January 13, 1996)
Tyler Henry / Age

Where was Clint Godwin born?

Cliff Godwin
Current position
Conference The American
Record 304–151–1
Biographical details
Born February 2, 1978 Snow Hill, North Carolina

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Why doesn t tyler henry have a drivers license?

Tyler Henry

The Hollywood Medium star never got his driver’s license because he was born and raised in a small town and didn’t need it. Luckily, Henry has his mom and his manager’s assistant to take him to meet his celebrity clients.

How long have Tyler and Clint been together?

Henry’s boyfriend, Clint, is on the show too, but that doesn’t mean he wants the spirits meddling in his relationship of five-plus years.

How did Tyler and Clint meet?

The photographer and medium have been dating for several years and the two initially met through Clint’s mom who was a client of Tyler. “It’s been amazing. I’ve been in a happy little relationship for about a year now and it’s really wonderful,” Tyler told E! News in a 2018 interview.

When was Tyler Henry born?

January 13, 1996 (age 26 years)
Tyler Henry / Date of birth

How many episodes of Tyler Henry are there on Netflix?

During the show’s nine 45-minute episodes, we’ll also get to follow Henry’s personal journey of living with such a gift and uncovering a family mystery.

What movies did Tyler Henry play in?

Blue Bayou
Tyler Henry / Appears in

Will there be more episodes of Tyler Henry?

Netflix hasn’t announced a second season at this time. If Netflix decides to acquire further episodes, they should be available on the streaming service by the end of the year 2023 at the absolute least.

Where can I watch Tyler Henry on TV?

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, an entertainment series is available to stream now. Watch it on NBC News, NBC, USA Network, Bravo, SYFY, Telemundo, E!, OXYGEN, Prime Video, Vudu or Apple TV on your Roku device.