Where was Angie Lewis born?

Detroit, Michigan, United States
Angela Lewis / Place of birth

What else did Angela Lewis play in?

  • Known For. Snowfall Aunt Louie / Louise Saint (2017-2022)
  • Code Black Shanni Platt (2015)
  • Top Five Flight Attendant (2014)
  • The Last Ship Sarah (2015)
  • Actress. Snowfall Aunt Louie (2017-2022)
  • Let Them Die Like Lovers Alexa (2017)
  • Code Black Shanni Platt (2015)
  • The Last Ship Sarah (2015)

Who is Lou in snowfall?

The show stars Angela Lewis as Aunt Louie Saint, a hardened and tough-as-nails drug dealer and addict who dreams of escaping South Central L.A. With season five underway, Lewis speaks to her character’s growth and making the transition to being her own boss now.

Why did Peaches set up Franklin?

Soon after, it was confirmed that Peaches had set them up because the locked building where Franklin’s money was hidden had been cleaned out, and the only other person aware of the cash cache was Peaches. This broke Jerome’s heart because he’s the one who recommended Peaches for the job.

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Why did Louie kiss Franklin on the lips?

As a nod to The Godfather Part II, Louie kissed Franklin full on the lips. Instead of Franklin, the show’s Michael Corleone, exposing her as his betrayer, Louie became Fredo and exposed herself.

Who is Franklin’s new girlfriend in Snowfall?

Tyler as Veronique. Devyn A. Tyler’s character Veronique was the first new major addition to the story of Season 5. She is Franklin’s new love interest, and together they are awaiting their first baby in the trailer.

Who is Kane’s brother in Snowfall?

Kane Hamilton is a character first appearing as one of the major antagonists of Franklin’s storyline in Season 5. He is the elder brother of Kevin Hamilton.

Who is Leon’s girlfriend in Snowfall?

Wanda Bell is Leon Simmon’s girlfriend who first appeared in Season 2. She develops a strong addiction to crack, and even stole some of Franklin’s product for her own personal use.

What happens to Franklin’s mom in Snowfall?

After the situation with Teddy, she and Alton fled to Cuba. Cissy later returned after Alton disappeared and saw Franklin built his new real estate business, West-Side Development.

When did Veronique snow?

Veronique Turner is a major character first introduced in Season 5. She is the new love-life of Franklin Saint.

Is Snowfall a true story?

Is Snowfall based on a true story? No, Snowfall isn’t strictly based on a true story and the specific storylines we have witnessed across four seasons are fictional. However, the series is inspired by a real, historical epidemic.

Who is Teddy McDonald in Snowfall based on?

None of the characters in Snowfall appear to be based on real people. There’s no evidence there was ever a CIA agent named Teddy McDonald, or a Mexican wrestler named Gustavo Zapata, along with the rest of Snowfall’s colorful cast of characters.