Where was The Royal Today filmed?

There are two separate blocks at St. Luke’s in Bradford used for shooting The Royal and The Royal Today. One of the previously unused blocks has undergone a makeover to transform it into a modern hospital, this also includes a bar area (seen in episode one) having been built.

Is the hospital in The Royal real?

Filming. Filming of the interior scenes of “St. Aidan’s” used both The Leeds Studios and St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford. Most of the exterior scenes were shot during the summer months at the Red Court building on Holbeck Road, South Cliff, Scarborough, as well as the nearby park area and Holbeck Clock Tower.

Where can you watch The Royal Today?

Currently you are able to watch “The Royal Today” streaming on BritBox, BritBox Amazon Channel.

How many episodes of the royal are there?

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Where can I watch all seasons of the Royal?

The Royal, a medical series starring Michelle Hardwick, Denis Lill, and Andy Wear is available to stream now. Watch it on FilmRise, Freevee, RealChill, FilmRise British TV, FilmRise Español, The Roku Channel or BritBox on your Roku device.

What happened in the last episode of the Royal?

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What was the last ever episode of the Royal?

The Enemy Within
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Does Dr Goodwin leave The Royal?

It was really a step outside our usual boundaries.” Dr Goodwin is seen struggling with the lack of medical supplies before being forced to flee the country after an attack – taking home a surprise for his colleagues back on the wards. “The situation in Africa becomes so dangerous that he has to leave.

Why did The Royal Family TV show end?

The ratings of the revived Royal Family did not match those of episodes featuring Foxx, and CBS cancelled the series a week before the broadcast of its first season was scheduled to end, leaving two episodes unaired.

Who plays matron in The Royal?

The Royal (TV Series 2003–2011) – Wendy Craig as Matron – IMDb.

Who plays the nun in The Royal?

Linda Armstrong is an English actress, known for her role as Sister Brigid in The Royal.