Which Caroline Girvan program should I start with?

You can begin the EPIC Program immediately, or if new to training and/or want further practice with movements, the 5 day EPIC Beginner Series is a great option to start with! Plan how you are going to incorporate the workouts into your week.

What programs does Caroline Girvan have?

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Does Caroline Girvan help you lose weight?

What is Caroline Girvans Iron series?

Caroline Girvan’s Iron Series Workouts is a six-week program consisting of 5 workouts each week that are only 30 minutes long but they push you to the limits!6/04/2022

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What is Caroline Girvan fuel series?

A 6 week series consisting of 5 x approx. 30 minute workouts per week. Each workout, a different format. Each session will feel different. It may be muscular or cardiovascular fatigue that we will feel depending on the workout itself, or a combination!

What nationality is Caroline Girvan?

Caroline Girvan was born in 1984. She hails from Northern Ireland and currently lives here. Caroline is married and has two children. She studied accountancy at university and worked as an admin for her husband.2/04/2022

Which EPIC program should I start with?

If you’re completely new to working out, it’s probably a good idea to complete the EPIC beginner series first to gain familiarity with the exercises and build a bit of cardiovascular endurance. If you are in good overall shape but haven’t really followed a plan, you should be okay starting with EPIC Heat.12/09/2021

What size weights does Caroline Girvan use?

dumbbells and 12 lb. dumbbells for the majority of the workout because this is what I had. Caroline Girvan recommends heavier weights on her website, but you can always increase the speed if you want to work harder.31/03/2021

Is Caroline Girvan certified?

Caroline originally studied accountancy but it was after the birth of her son, who is now eight, that she decided to turn her love of fitness into a career, becoming a certified personal trainer.22/03/2021

Where does Caroline Girvan live now?

Now the personal trainer has a YouTube channel with over 400,000 followers after posting her first online video just seven month ago. And she says the global community which follows her workouts from her home in Greenisland, Co Antrim motivate her to get active every day.16/12/2020

Where do juice and Toya live?

We are Juice & Toya, and this is our story

We are personal trainers in Los Angeles, CA, and together we own a personal training company; One Body LA.

Who is Heather Robertson?

Heather Robertson is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and creator of the FREE 12 Week Workout Plan.