Who are Slavik and Aubrey?

From “So You Think You Can Dance” and sharing original choreography on YouTube to viral TikTok influencers, every day is a chance for Vik White and Aubrey Fisher to improve their craft, do what they love, and perform with confidence.

Who is its Slavik dancer?

Slavik Pustovoytov (born December 23, 1998) is a Hip-Hop dancer. He competed during fifteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance and placed 4th behind Hannahlei Cabanilla, Jensen Arnold and Genessy Castillo.

Who is the guy dancing with Aubrey Fisher?

Stayin’ Alive – Aubrey Fisher & Vik White – YouTube.

What is Vik White’s real name?

Vik White, born Slavik Pustovoytov, previously made his mark on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

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What does Miranda Derrick do for a living?

Miranda earns money from her dancing profession and also from teaching at a famous dancing academy in the US. Moreover, she is also in partnership with various brands and promotes their brands. Her major source of income and fame is Youtube. The estimated amount of her net worth is around $2.5 million USD.

Is Slavik in a movie?

“Ballroom Dancer” is about Slavik’s return to the competitive dance world with his new partner and girlfriend (Anna Melnikova). This movie depicts the hardships that dancers go through trying to make it to the very top.

Are Slavik and genessy a couple?

While the pair have major chemistry that has caused the fandom to wonder whether they’re an item, the partners insist they’re just friends.

Where is Slavik the dancer from?

“So You Think You Can Dance” is a dance competition in its 15th season. It offers dancers between ages 18-30 the chance to show their skills in a variety of styles including hip-hop, ballroom and more. Pustovoytov, who was born in Poltava, Ukraine, moved to and attended junior high and high school in Stillwater.

Who is Aubrey Plaza movies?

Aubrey Plaza
  • Spin Me Round (2022) Sheila O’Malley.
  • Emily the Criminal (2022) Sheila O’Malley.
  • Black Bear (2020) Sheila O’Malley.
  • Happiest Season (2020) Tomris Laffly.
  • Child’s Play (2019) Nick Allen.
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Who are Vic and Aubrey?

TikTok dancers Vik White and Aubrey Fisher joined us live to tell us all about their viral videos and they performed for us. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Dec. 21, 2021.

Where is Vic White from?

Vic White
Born 20 May 1932 Hackney, London
Nationality England
Current club information
Career status Retired
Career history

Who is James Derrick?

James Derrick is a famous dancer and choreographer with a massive following on Instagram. He is also known for being the husband of social media influencer Miranda Derrick.