Who are the characters on The Goldbergs?

The Goldbergs/Characters

Can I see the cast of The Goldbergs?

Goldberg and stars Wendi McLendon-Covey, Sean Giambrone, Troy Gentile, and Hayley Orrantia.

The Goldbergs (2013 TV series)

The Goldbergs
Starring Wendi McLendon-Covey Sean Giambrone Troy Gentile Hayley Orrantia George Segal Jeff Garlin AJ Michalka Sam Lerner
Narrated by Patton Oswalt

Who is Erica Goldberg’s husband?

Geoffrey Todd “Geoff” Schwartz (born April 14, 1969) is the husband of Erica Goldberg, best friend of Barry Goldberg and member of the JTP. He is a recurring character in Season 1-4 and a main character in Season 5-10 of The Goldbergs. He is portrayed by Sam Lerner.

Is the Goldberg show based on a true story?

The Goldbergs is based on the life of series creator Adam F. Goldberg. Here’s what each main character looks like in real life compared to the show. ABC’s hit family sitcom The Goldbergs is a loose biographical retelling of Adam F.

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What is a Nubby Goldbergs?

Beverly Goldberg is the smother of all smothers, constantly overwhelming her kids and dishing out nubbies (a.k.a. neck kisses and hugs, for the uninitiated) at every turn.

Is Barry Goldberg a doctor?

As stated, Adam’s father Murray, who passed away in 2008, was also a doctor, and his two brothers, Eric (Erica’s real-life counterpart) and Barry, both grew up to become doctors (Eric specializes in neurology and sleep medicine, and Barry is a radiologist).

Is Geoff from The Goldbergs real?

Geoff Schwartz from The Goldberg, the character who struggles with relationships and love, is played by a talented actor Sam Lerner. Lerner, who was born on September 27, 1992, has been part of the show business industry since the age of nine.

Why did the guy leave The Goldbergs?

After playing Murray for the show’s entire run, Garlin exited in December following an investigation into alleged misconduct on the set and was ultimately written off the show.

Who is Barry’s girlfriend in The Goldbergs?

Ren is based on Barry Goldberg’s real-life love interest. She becomes Barry’s official girlfriend in the fifth-to-last episode of season 7, Island Time.

Why did The Goldbergs recast Ren?

She was played by Kelli Berglund, but after Kelli was cast in Heels on Starz, she left the comedy for her new role and left a wife open spot for another actress to fill unless The Goldbergs writers decided to get rid of the character altogether.

Who is Barry’s girlfriend in season 9?

Wampler will play Ren, a stylish, artsy, rebellious and effortless Manhattan NYC prep school girl who Erica (Hayley Orrantia) befriends at college. She’s also Barry’s (Troy Gentile) new girlfriend. Wampler takes over for Kelli Berglund, who played the role last season, appearing in five episodes.

What happened to Joanne on The Goldbergs?

Joanne returns home to Hannukah and announces that she has decided to drop out of law school to become a singer.