Who currently owns Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby Montana?

The Chief Joseph Ranch, a historic working cattle ranch in western Montana, has been owned and operated by rancher Shane Libel and his family since 2012. “We fell in love with it — the history, the buildings — just the ranch itself,” Libel says of the 2,500 acres of land a few hours from Yellowstone National Park.

How much is the largest ranch in Montana worth?

Beaverhead Ranch

In 2021, Rupert Murdoch purchased this 340,000-acre ranch from Koch Industries. Yes, that’s Rupert Murdoch who founded Fox News and owns the Wall Street Journal. The purchase was apparently around $200 million making it the biggest in Montana land history.

Who owns the largest private ranch in Montana?

10 Largest Land Owners in Montana
  • Great Northern Properties – 153,056 acres.
  • The Coffee Family – 212,633 acres.
  • Robert Earl Holding – 213,462 acres.
  • Stan Kroenke – 225,162 acres.
  • The Galt Family – 248,023 acres.
  • Farris and Dan Wilks – 358,837 acres.
  • Plum Creek Timber – 765,925 acres.

What is the largest ranch in the world?

The largest ranch in the world is Anna Creek Station, a cattle ranch operating in Australia. This ranch measures 2,000,000 acres or 3,100 square miles, larger than Israel and the state of New Hampshire. The ranch is located in a very remote part of the country called South Australia.

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Who owns the largest privately owned ranch?

John Malone is the largest private landowner in the United States. Malone made his fortune as a media tycoon, building the company Tele-Communications, Inc, or TCI, and acting as its CEO before selling it to AT&T for $50 billion in 1999.

Who owns largest ranch in us?

It was notable for being the largest ranch within one fence in the United States. It was originally established in 1852 near Vernon, Texas, by Daniel Waggoner under the name of Dan Waggoner & Son; his son being William Thomas Waggoner.

Waggoner Ranch.

W. T. Waggoner Estate
Owner Stan Kroenke
Grounds 510,527 acres

Who is the richest ranch owner?

1. John Malone – 2,200,000 Acres
  • Irving Family – 1,247,880 Acres.
  • Peter Buck – 1,236,000 Acres.
  • Brad Kelley – 1,139,984 Acres.
  • Singleton Family – 1,110,000 Acres.
  • King Ranch Heirs – 911,215 Acres.
  • Pingree Heirs – 830,000 Acres.
  • Wilks Brothers – 705,475 Acres.
  • Briscoe Family – 640,000 Acres.

Who owns the most land on earth?

1. The Family Of Queen Elizabeth II Of Great Britain. Although recently deceased, the Queen’s royal family will inherit the leadership, which makes them the technical owners of the country. The total size of the British Commonwealth is an astounding 6.75 Billion acres.

Who owns most land in USA?

The 2022 Top Landowners in the Land Report 100:
  • The Emmerson Family – 2.33 million acres.
  • John Malone – 2.2 million acres.
  • Reed Family – 2.1 million acres.
  • Ted Turner – 2.0 million acres.
  • Stan Kroenke – 1.627 million acres.

What is the largest private ranch in the world?

King Ranch (825,000 acres) Vermejo, A Ted Turner Reserve (590,823 acres) Waggoner Ranch (520,527 acres)

Here are the largest ranches in the world.

  1. King Ranch.
  2. Vermejo, A Ted Turner Reserve.
  3. Waggoner Ranch.
  4. Tswalu Kalahari.
  5. Mudanjiang City Dairy Farm.
  6. Alexandria Station.
  7. Anna Creek Station.

Is King Ranch the largest ranch in the world?

Today, King Ranch sprawls across 825,000 acres of South Texas land, an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. As the home of 35,000 cattle and over 200 Quarter Horses, King Ranch is one of the largest ranches in the world today.

How big is the 6666 Ranch?

It spans 350,000 acres of land. The main ranch house is off U.S. Highway 82. The Dixon Creek section spans 108,000 acres of land in Carson and Hutchinson counties. The Dixon Creek runs through this section of the ranch near Panhandle, Texas.