Who did Al B Sure have a baby with?

In 1991 he had a son, Quincy Brown by Kim Porter. Quincy was named after the musician who mentored Al B.

How did Quincy Jones make his money?

Quincy Jones has done everything. He is a record producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, arranger, and film and TV producer. He has a record 80 Grammy nominations, and began his career as a jazz arranger and conductor before moving on to pop and film scores.

Was Al B sure ever married?

Kim Porter
Al B. Sure! / Spouse (m. 1989–1990)

Is Albi sure still alive?

“A very humble thank you for the prayers my @WBLS1075NYC family. I’m alive, awake, on the mend,” he wrote. “Submissively grateful! #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah.

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Is Al B. Sure still in a coma?

Reveals in First Interview Since Waking up From Two-Month Coma He Has a New Liver. Al B. Sure! is speaking out for the first time since waking up from a two-month coma, recalling the harrowing experience he underwent before and after the scary ordeal that nearly cost him his life.

Is Al B. Sure still in the hospital?

In a birthday post thanking his followers for the birthday wishes, Jr. also gave an update on his father’s health, sharing that the “Nite and Day” vocalist has been released from the hospital.

Why is Albie sure in the hospital?

In an open letter to fans on Wednesday, the new jack swing singer-songwriter opened up about the recent “medical rollercoaster” that landed him in the hospital in a two-month coma. “I want to send a personal and sincere thank you to all of you who sent prayers, well-wishes and positive energy my way,” Sure! said.

How old is Quincy Brown?

31 years (June 4, 1991)
Quincy / Age

Who is Quincy Brown’s father?

Al B. Sure!
Quincy / Father

How old is Christopher Williams?

55 years (August 22, 1967)
Christopher Williams / Age

Are Christopher Williams and Al B. Sure cousins?

Though they refer to one another as brothers, Al B. Sure and Williams are cousins in reality. Williams has released four studio albums since his debut in 1989. He is the nephew of legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, and a father to three children, one of whom he shares with actress Stacey Dash.

Who did Christopher Williams have a child with?

Christopher Williams/Children