Who did Brendan McLoughlin have a baby with?

When Miranda Lambert got married to New York police officer Brendan McLoughlin a few years ago, they each gained more than just a spouse. Along with Miranda came her 13+ dogs, and for McLoughlin, he’s the father of a young boy named Landon. “I got the dogs, you got the kid, we can mix and mingle.

What does Brendan McLoughlin do for a living now?

He’s a New York City police officer.

McLoughlin is in law enforcement, and he actually met Lambert while on the job.

Who is Brendan McLoughlin Miranda’s husband?

Miranda Lambert’s husband Brendan McLoughlin is a former NYPD officer. Lambert and her husband have very different careers. While Lambert is a well-known country star, McLoughlin is a former officer with the New York Police Department.

Is Miranda Lamberts husband still a cop?

In February 2020, he officially retired as an officer.

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What is Miranda Lambert Lambert’s net worth?

Miranda Lambert Net Worth
Net Worth: $60 Million
Date of Birth Nov 10, 1983 (39 years old)
Place of Birth Longview
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 3 in (1.6256 m)

What nationality is Brendan McLoughlin?

Brendan McLoughlin / Nationality

Are Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin still married?

Miranda Lambert’s husband Brendan McLoughlin wished his wife a happy birthday Nov. 10, just a day after the pair stunned on the 2022 CMA Awards red carpet. “Another year and another birthday. Happy Birthday @mirandalambert,” the post read, accompanied by an array of pics of the duo throughout the years.

Where is Miranda Lambert’s husband a cop?

Lambert married McLoughlin, a retired New York police officer, in 2019, following a three-month romance.

Is Miranda Lambert still married to Blake?

Blake and Miranda were married for nearly five years but announced their split in 2015. She went on to marry Brendan McLoughlin in 2019, while Blake wed Gwen Stefani in July 2021.

Was McLoughlin married before?

Miranda Lambert
Brendan McLoughlin / Spouse (m. 2019)

Miranda Leigh Lambert is an American country music singer and songwriter. Born in Longview, Texas, she started out in early 2001 when she released her self-titled debut album independently.


How did Miranda Lambert meet Brendan McLoughlin?

How Did Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin Meet? The “Drunk” singer revealed exactly how the two of them even managed to meet in the first place in a new interview with the New York Times in October 2019. “I met my husband doing press for the Pistol Annies record, this time last year,” Miranda revealed at the time.

Where is Miranda Lambert from?

Miranda Lambert, in full Miranda Leigh Lambert, (born November 10, 1983, Longview, Texas, U.S.), American country music singer-songwriter who crafted a repertoire in the early 21st century that ranged from rowdy revenge fantasies to sensitive ruminations on domestic life.