Who did Dusty Baker coach for?

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How many World Series does Dusty Baker have as a coach?

Dusty Baker is a World Series-winning manager. The storied skipper first reached the Fall Classic in 2002 with the Giants, losing in seven games to the Angels. Nineteen years later, he returned with the Astros in 2021, but Atlanta took down Houston. Finally, in ’22, he won it all.

How many teams has Dusty Baker managed?

Every team Baker has managed during his 25 seasons went to the postseason with him at the helm. Those teams included the Giants, Cubs, Reds, Nationals and Astros.

Has Dusty Baker ever won a World Series as a player?

In 2022, Baker led the Astros on a historic run all the way to winning the World Series — becoming part of an elite club of people who have won the World Series as both a player and a manager, and cementing his legacy as a serial winner and team builder who excels when the game is on the line.

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Did Mattress Mack win his bet?

Mattress Mack Won His $75 Million World Series Bet—And Didn’t Make A Dime. New!

How many toothpicks does Dusty Baker use?

MLB.com estimated that, in his career, Baker had used 7,348 toothpicks, as of April 4, 2020, though that number certainly went up over his past three seasons as Houston’s manager. Given the length of each toothpick, that total would equal 1.3 Empire State Buildings or seven football fields.

How many World Series rings does Dusty Baker have as a player?

After 2,000 victories as a manager and several postseason appearances in both leagues he was never able to win a World Series, until now. As a player Baker won a World Series in 1981 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He started his career with the Atlanta Braves, where he played with homerun legend Hank Aaron.

How many times has Dusty Baker lost the World Series?

Baker appeared in three World Series as a player with the Los Angeles Dodgers, losing in 1977 and 1978 before winning a ring in 1981. Baker entered the 2022 World Series with 2,093 career regular season wins, the most by a manager without a championship to his name. That stat is no more.

Has anyone won a World Series as a player and manager?

10. Frankie Frisch. After winning his one world series in his days as a player/manager, Frisch managed 11 seasons from 1938-1951 and did not win another pennant.

How many MLB wins does Dusty Baker have?


Who is the winningest coach in MLB history?

1) Connie Mack: 3,731-3,948-76

“The Grand Old Man of Baseball” spent three years as a player-manager for the Pirates, then in 1901, American League founder Ban Johnson asked Mack to establish the Philadelphia Athletics.

Who is the best baseball manager of all time?

1. Joe McCarthy. In 24 seasons as a Major League Baseball manager, Joe McCarthy never had a losing record. Even in 1946 and 1950, when he abruptly resigned from the Yankees and Red Sox, respectively, those teams were above .