Who did the Princess of Jordan marry?

Forbes magazine has ranked Rania as one of the world’s 100 most powerful women. The 2022 Credit Suisse leaks claimed that the Queen had an account in a Swiss bank.

Queen Rania of Jordan.

Rania Al-Abdullah
Spouse Abdullah II of Jordan ​ ​ ( m. 1993)​
Issue Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan Princess Iman Princess Salma Prince Hashem

Who is Queen Rania’s daughter engaged to?

Princess Iman of Jordan is engaged! On Wednesday, the Royal Hashemite Court officially announced the engagement of Princess Iman bint Abdullah II to New York financier Jameel Alexander Thermiotis.

Are Salma and Iman twins?

Iman has one elder brother, Crown Prince Hussein, and two younger siblings, Princess Salma and Prince Hashem.

Who is Princess Iman bint Abdullah engaged to?

Princess Iman bint Abdullah II of Jordan is engaged to Jameel Alexander Thermiotis. Princess Iman, 25, is the oldest daughter of Queen Rania of Jordan and King Abdullah II of Jordan.

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Who is Jimmy Thermiotis?

Partner/Co-Founder, Outbound Ventures LLC.

Who is future Queen of Jordan?

Meet the future queen of Jordan, Rajwa Al Saif: Crown Prince Hussein’s new fiancée is the daughter of a Saudi Arabian billionaire, studied in New York and already has the blessing of Queen Rania.

How old is Princess Iman bint Abdullah?

26 years (September 27, 1996)
Princess Iman bint Abdullah / Age

Who is Thermiotis family?

The elder Thermiotis married his wife Leonor Felizari, and the couple had three children, Diana, Katerina, and Alexandros, the younger Thermiotis’s father.

How did Queen Rania meet King Abdullah?

In her early professional career Rania worked in the fields of banking and information technology. In January 1993 she met Abdullah, then a prince, at a dinner party, and they were engaged two months later. On June 10, 1993, Rania and Abdullah were married, and Rania became a princess.

Who is current king of Jordan?

Abdullah II of Jordan
Jordan / Monarch

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein is King of Jordan, having ascended the throne on 7 February 1999. He is a member of the Hashemite dynasty, who have been the reigning royal family of Jordan since 1921, and is considered a 41st-generation direct descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.


Is Jordan a rich country?

As of 2019, Jordan has a GDP of US$44.4 billion, ranking it 89th worldwide.

Economy of Jordan.

Country group Developing/Emerging Upper-middle income economy
GDP $45.344 billion (nominal, 2021) $109.296 billion (PPP, 2021)

How much is the Jordanian royal family worth?

Abdullah II of Jordan Net Worth
Net Worth: $750 Million
Date of Birth: 1962-01-30
Gender: Male
Profession: Politician
Nationality: Jordan