Who did they smoke in how high?

The rappers play Silas and Jamal, two young men who live for their pot and sexing. One day, after a friend of Silas was killed in a hilarious accident, Silas and Jamal are smoking a potent type of pot that gives them a high that allows them to “see dead people”, namely Ivory, the man who was killed in the accident.

Who are the two actors in how high 2?

How High 2 is a 2019 American stoner comedy television film directed by Bruce Leddy and starring Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly.

Are they making a How High 2?

Method Man and Redman will not appear in the upcoming How High sequel. Instead, Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly will star in the movie. That news was a shock to fans of the original movie. So much so, that a petition was started to get Meth and Red in the movie.

Is how high 2 a good movie?

This sequel was not funny and not even entertaining. The characters are very forgettable, none of the jokes are funny, there’s no Redman and no Method Man. Redman and Method Man were great in the first movie, sure the first is not the best, but it’s still funny and a classic.

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Will there be a How High 3?

The third movie in the How High trilogy, starring Method Man and Redman.

Is tall girl 3 coming out?

Unfortunately not as the movie hasn’t been confirmed, let along started filming. Netflix only released the sequel’s trailer three weeks before its release, so don’t expect to see anything until 2023.

Is there a new tall girl?

Tall Girl 2 is a 2022 American teen romantic comedy film directed by Emily Ting from a screenplay by Sam Wolfson. The film stars Ava Michelle, Sabrina Carpenter, Griffin Gluck, and Steve Zahn. It is the sequel to the 2019 film Tall Girl. The film was released on February 11, 2022 and received mixed reviews.

What band was in How High?

Performed by NWA (as N.W.A.) Courtesy of Virgin Records America, Inc. Courtesy of Shanachie Entertainment Corp.

Who is the 2 biggest band in the world?

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What rappers are in How High?

The 2001 comedy “How High” is a classic of the stoner genre. Starring rappers Method Man and Redman as Silas and Jamal, they play average students who turn Ivy League.