Who did Will Sasso play in Modern Family?

Modern Family (TV Series 2009–2020) – Will Sasso as Señor Kaplan – IMDb.

Who plays Señor Kaplan in Modern Family?

Will Sasso: Señor Kaplan.

How old is Will Sasso?

47 years (24 May 1975)
Will Sasso / Age

What did Will Sasso play in?

Will Sasso/Appears in

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Did United We Fall get Cancelled?

The multi-camera comedy “United We Fall” has been canceled after one season at ABC. News of the cancellation comes about three weeks after the show’s season finale. It starred Will Sasso, Christina Vidal Mitchell, Jane Curtin, Guillermo Diaz, and Ella Grace Helton.

Is Will Sasso in GREY’s anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy (TV Series 2005– ) – Will Sasso as Jed – IMDb.

Who was toxic on GREY’s Anatomy set?

While reflecting on his past roles, Isaiah Washington called out his experience on the allegedly “toxic” Grey’s Anatomy set as an example of mistreatment. “Every single day I was a problem that was being reminded, ‘You’re No. 4 on the call sheet.

Who is the Nonbinary actor in GREY’s anatomy?

Fightmaster booked the role of neuroscientist Kai Bartley on “Grey’s Anatomy,” they immediately understood the weight of responsibility that comes with portraying the ABC medical drama’s first nonbinary character in 18 seasons.

Did GREY’s Anatomy have any crossovers?

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 have had multiple crossover events, allowing characters to appear in either series for a storyline or cameo appearance. Since the debut of Station 19 during the 14th season of Grey’s Anatomy, several crossover events between the two series have occurred.

Did Will Sasso Play on Two and a Half Men?

Two and a Half Men (TV Series 2003–2015) – Will Sasso as Andrew – IMDb.

Was will Sasso a wrestler?

Will Sasso is a Canadian comedian and actor. He is a Celebrity that wrestled one match against Bret Hart in World Championship Wrestling.

Was Will Sasso in Beverly Hills Ninja?

Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) – Will Sasso as Chet Walters – IMDb.