Who died in the Group H-Town?

On Tuesday, January 28, 2003, the legacy of H-Town was cut short, when one of the twins of the group, Keven A. Conner a.k.a. Dino, died in a car accident. He was just 28. The singer and his girlfriend, 22-year-old Teshya Rae Weisent, were leaving a recording studio in Houston when the car accident occurred.

How old was Keven Connor when he died?

28 years (1974–2003)
Keven Connor / Age at death

Who is Dino from H-Town’s daughter?

Ditzel and Conner had a daughter named Kayja Rose, who is Rogan’s stepdaughter. They had been together in the 1990s and welcomed their daughter, Kayja, into the world in 1996. Dino perished in a car crash in 2003 alongside his then-girlfriend Teshya Rae Weisent. Ditzel and Dino had parted ways by the time of his death.

Is H-Town a brother?

H-Town is an American R&B vocal group from Houston, Texas, United States. H-Town was founded in 1990 by twin brothers Keven “Dino” Conner ( c. 1974 – 2003), Solomon “Shazam” Conner and their friend Darryl “G.I.” Jackson.

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Which twin from H-Town died?

Keven A. Conner, better known to R&B fans as Dino, lead singer of the group H-Town, was killed in a car accident on Tuesday. According to Houston police, Dino, 28, had just left a recording studio and was a passenger in a car being driven by his girlfriend, 22-year-old Teshya Rae Weisent.

How old is Shazam Conner?

47 years (November 18, 1974)
Solomon Conner / Age

What’s H-Town mean?

a nickname of Houston, Texas, U.S.

Where is H-Town from?

Houston, TX
H-Town / Origin

Where is Shazam H-Town?

They took the name of the group, “H-Town”, from the local nickname for the city of Houston, Texas, in which they grew up.

Who are the members of H-Town?


What happened to the group Hi Five?

They disbanded in 1994 until reuniting in 2006. To say that Hi-Five have had their fair share of trials and tribulations would be an understatement. The group struck tragedy in 2007 when lead singer Tony Thompson was found dead as a result of inhaling freon from an air conditioning unit.

What year did H-Town come out?

H-Town is an American R&B hip hop band that was formed in 1992 by three friends at Jack Yates High School in Houston, Texas. The group originally consisted of: Kevin “Dino” Conner, his fraternal twin brother Solomon “Shazam” Conner, and their long-time friend Darryl “G.I.” Jackson.