Who does Alina end up with?

She has to kill him for the third amplifier. In the epilogue, Mal and Alina marry under different names and re-open the Keramzin orphanage, the place they grew up in.

Is Mal a Grisha?

Is Mal a Grisha? While Mal is not a Grisha, he does have magical powers, which are revealed in Ruin and Rising. Mal is a human amplifier, which means a Grisha can use his powers to enhance their own.

Do Alina and the darkling end up together?

Ultimately, though, Mal and Alina are endgame. After three books of will they or won’t they, Alina’s dalliance with the Darkling, and near-engagement to Nikolai, the pair end up together running the old orphanage where they grew up in Keramzin.

How does the Shadow and Bone book end?

Alina breaks free, leaps out of the ship, saves Mal, and destroys the ship. The book ends with Mal and Alina taking passage across the True Sea, escaping from Ravka and the Darkling.

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Who is the strongest Grisha?

The Darkling ranks No. 1 as the most powerful Grisha, wielding the ability to summon and manipulate shadows. The Darkling claims to be the great-great-great grandson of the Black Heretic.

Is the darkling in love with Alina?

Ben Barnes himself agrees, as he relayed in a separate interview with Collider’s Christina Radish in which he admits that he finds the Darkling’s abuse of power disturbing, but also believes the Darkling genuinely fell for Alina: “I certainly judged the character.

What happens to darkling in the books?

In the end, Zoya realized and burned his body, but his spirit managed to flee and introduced itself in Yuri Vedenen’s body while he was unconscious and thus the Darkling came back to life. Nikolai and Zoya bound his hands and took him back with them to the palace.

What happens in Shadow and Bone book series?

The Shadow and Bone series follows the story of Alina Starkov, a soldier who knows she may not survive her first trek across the Shadow Fold – a swath of unnatural darkness crawling with monsters. But, under attack, Alina unleashes a dormant magic she never knew she possessed.

Is the darkling evil in the books?

In the books, the Darkling (Ben Barnes) is pretty much straight-up evil. He’s still pretty evil on the show, but we get to see more of how he became the way he is.

Does the darkling get redemption?

And though the Darkling isn’t redeemed in the books, the show has already changed things from their book portrayal.

How is the darkling and Mal related?

While searching for the last amplifier, Mal and Alina find out the truth about Mal’s heritage. He is descended from Baghra’s sister, making him a great-nephew of the Darkling.

Why is the black heretic immortal?

His great power is what allows him to live as long as he does — the more he uses his Grisha abilities, which can rejuvenate and strengthen the body, the longer his lifespan becomes.