Who founded Paula’s Choice?

Paula Beth Begoun (born November 14, 1953), also known as “The Cosmetics Cop”, is an American talk radio host, author, and businesswoman. She is the founder of Paula’s Choice and Beginning Press Publishing.

How old is Paula’s Choice?

About 27 years (1995)
Paula’s Choice / Age

Is Paula’s Choice an Australian brand?

Where are Paula’s Choice products made? Our skincare products and most of our cosmetics are manufactured in the USA! Some of our limited edition colour items may vary, but typically the lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations and powders are made in the USA. We guarantee quality products that you love.

How long has Paula’s Choice been around?

Anybody who works for a brand or owns a brand, and they’re over 50 or 60 and they say it’s because of their products, they’re fibbing through their teeth. Since its inception in 1995, Paula’s Choice was available online. Last year, it entered Sephora. Previously, it broke into brick-and-mortar retail at Nordstrom.

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Why is Paulas choice so popular?

The Paula’s Choice Blueprint

As Begoun explains, the brand’s enduring popularity comes down to one basic truth: “Our products work; they do what they say they will do, and in fact, often exceed expectations.”

Who is the CEO of Paula’s Choice?

Tara Poseley – Chief Executive Officer – Paula’s Choice Skincare | LinkedIn.

Who bought out Paula’s Choice?

Unilever closes acquisition of Paula’s Choice | Unilever.

How many employees does Paula’s Choice have?

125 employees

Does Paula’s Choice really work?

Paula’s Choice skincare is always reliable and effective. The packaging may come off “grandmotherly” to some but it’s the product that counts! Their RESIST daily hydrating SPF 50 is super light, which makes it great for those new to sunscreen.

Is Paulas choice skincare legit?

The company has 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Most customers praise the brand’s effectiveness, reasonable pricing, product variety, and attentive customer service. A frequent criticism of Paula’s Choice is their unreliable customer service and misleading return policy.

Why did Paulas choice BHA break me out?

The most probable reason for the breakouts experienced after using a BHA is pure coincidence. The breakouts also may coincide with hormonal fluctuations, as many women tend to breakout during this time no matter what anti-acne products they’re using or starting to use.

When did Paula’s Choice BHA come out?

While it’s seen a recent spike in popularity, the BHA Liquid Exfoliator isn’t a new product. Launched in 2000, it was one of the industry’s first leave-on exfoliants and has been a best seller for over 20 years.