Who got NBA YoungBoy face tattoo?

Check out the tattoo below. One of NBA Youngboy’s exes, Lil Blue, recently got his government named tattooed on the inside of her lip, but she was heated after the video was leaked from her close friends!

Does BHAD Bhabie have a tattoo of NBA YoungBoy?

Bhabie took to the comment section underneath a blog site and cleared up the NBA Youngboy tattoo rumours. The star revealed that the tattoo actually says “Kentucky”. The star also made an Instagram Live where she showed her fans a second worth of her tattoo.

Do Kevin Gates got NBA YoungBoy tattoo?

Kevin Gates is taking that famous saying very serious, and he got the tattoo to prove it. The Baton Rouge rapper got a tattoo of YoungBoy Never Broke last year even though he has never commented on it. NBA knew about the tat, and those close to Gates knew about it and understood why he got the ink done.

What does NBA stand for in NBA YoungBoy?

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden (born October 20, 1999), known professionally as YoungBoy Never Broke Again (also known as NBA YoungBoy or simply YoungBoy), is an American rapper.

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How much is YoungBoy worth in 2022?

NBA YoungBoy’s net worth is $6 million as of 2022.

Did NBA YoungBoy have a kid at 13?

He had his first child when he was 16 years old.

He was romantically linked to a woman named Nisha in 2016 and the two had their first child, Kayden aka Draco, in July of the same year. In June 2020, they had a daughter named Armani.

What is NBA Youngboys real name?

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden
YoungBoy Never Broke Again / Full name

What are some of NBA YoungBoy quotes?

Inspirational NBA YoungBoy quotes
  • “ Without loyalty, you won’t accomplish anything.” – NBA YoungBoy.
  • “ Gotta keep my head above water, gotta make it through.” – NBA YoungBoy, “Untouchable”
  • “ I ain’t got nothing to prove to nobody.” – NBA YoungBoy.
  • “ Stuntin’ on everybody, whoever slept on me.” –

How did NBA YoungBoy get famous?

Originally known as NBA YoungBoy, the rapper was born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden in Baton Rouge in 1999. Inspired by local artist Lil Phat, the young Gaulden started rapping and recording. His debut mixtape, Life Before Fame, arrived in 2015 and was quickly followed by a trilogy of releases titled Mind of a Menace.

Does YoungBoy have a kid?

YoungBoy Never Broke Again/Children

Who is NBA YoungBoy’s GF?

Who is Jazlyn Mychelle? Jazlyn is a 20-year-old Instagram influencer and YouTuber from Houston, Texas who is only known for dating NBA YoungBoy. Born on February 23 2002 in, she has 55,000 followers on Instagram and 73,000 subscribers on YouTube where she posts vlogs and hauls.

How old are Youngboys kids?

The rapper is also dad to daughter Armani, 2, and son Kayden, 6, with a woman named Nisha, son Kacey, 3, with influencer Jania Bania, 5-year-old son Taylin with a woman named Nia and son Kamiri, 5, with Starr Dejanee.