Who has more money a rod or Ben Affleck?

Alex Rodriguez Net-worth.

Thanks to his lucrative contracts in the MLB, Alex Rodriguez currently has a net-worth of $350 million. That is $200 million above of what Ben Affleck is currently worth.

Is Arod or JLO worth more?

According to Money.com, their combined net worth was set to approach $1 billion, considering Lopez’s current net worth is about $400 million. J-Lo’s net worth total is actually slightly higher than Rodriguez’s estimated net worth.

Who made more money Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter?

Who made more money, Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter? As mentioned above, Derek Jeter ranks as the second highest earning baseball player of all time. The first highest earning baseball player of all time happens to be Jeter’s former teammate, Alex Rodriguez, with a reported $441 million in baseball earnings alone.

What is Alex net worth?

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth
Net Worth: $350 Million
Salary: $33 Million
Date of Birth Jul 27, 1975 (47 years old)
Place of Birth Washington Heights
Gender Male

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Who is the richest actor in the world?

Who is the Richest Actor in the World?

1. Jerry Seinfeld

  • Net Worth- $950 million.
  • Date of Birth- 29th April 1954.
  • Age- 67 Years.
  • Awards- Shorty Award for Best Web Series, Honorary Clio Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, and many more.
  • Best Movies- It Could Happen to You, The Hangover, Dumb and Dumber, and many more.

How much is Taylor Swift worth?

Taylor Swift has an estimated net worth of $450 Million in the year 2023. She has built her million-dollar empire through music records and singing tours. Her beautiful face has also made her a modeling for many brands and magazine covers, so she endorses various brands.

How rich is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande is one of the richest pop artists in the industry – with an estimated US$220 million at her disposal right now, according to the statisticians as Celebrity Net Worth.

How much rich is dua lipa?

How much is Dua Lipa worth? Forbes estimates that Dua Lipa is worth an estimated $35 million, which comes from all her music revenue and her modeling carer.

How much is Donald Trump worth?

Forbes estimates it at $3.2 billion as of October 26, 2022, with Trump making much higher claims. Trump inherited wealth from his father, and he has also made money from fundraising, real estate ventures, hotels, casinos, golf courses, and Trump-branded products including neckties and steaks.

Is Kylie Jenner’s net worth?

In 2019, Forbes estimated Jenner’s net worth at US$1 billion and called her the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at age 21; the notion of Jenner being self-made has been controversial.

Kylie Jenner
Relatives Kardashian family
Website thekyliejenner.com

How much does JaMill earn from YouTube?

JaMill’s estimated monthly earnings run up P10. 33 million while Lloyd’s run north of P8 million. You don’t have to be a movie star to start making millions per month but you do have to be very entertaining to keep viewers glued to your channel.

How much money does InquisitorMaster make on YouTube?

As per SocialBlade, the channel InquisitorMaster earns an estimated amount between $10.7K – $170.5K per month and up to $127.9K – $2M per year. She currently has over 9.7 million subscribers and more than 5.4 billion views on his channel.