Who has played Jack Kelly on Broadway?

Character 2010 Workshop Original Broadway Cast
Jack Kelly Jay Armstrong Johnson Jeremy Jordan
Joseph Pulitzer Shuler Hensley John Dossett
Katherine Plumber Meghann Fahy Kara Lindsay
Davey Jacobs Jason Michael Snow Ben Fankhauser

Is Newsies coming back to Broadway 2022?

News Disney Musical Newsies to End Broadway Run The Tony Award-winning Broadway production of Newsies will close after over a thousand performances Aug.

How many cast members are in Newsies?

There are 14 newsies in Jack’s “Gang”: Albert, Buttons, Elmer, Finch, Henry, Ike, Jo Jo, Mike, Mush, Race, Romeo, Specs, Splasher, and Tommy Boy. Performers in these roles must create unique and specific characters with physical and vocal details that distinguish them from the other newsies.

Who are the leads in Newsies?

CAST LIST: Newsies
  • Jack Kelly – Dru Loman.
  • Crutchie – Jack Greenberg.
  • Davey – Grant Cunningham.
  • Les – Mira Eby.
  • NAMED NEWSIES Names TBD Depending on voice.
  • Race, Albert, Specs, Henry, Finch, Romeo, Elmer, Mush, Buttons, Splasher.

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Are there any female roles in Newsies?

What inspired you to add girls to the cast? Even though in the original movie there was a female character, she was not a newsie. In the original Broadway production, they dressed the female ensemble as boy newsies.

Are there girl roles in Newsies?

Newsies: Age 10-20, Including Albert, Buttons, Elmer, Finch, Henry, Ike, Jo Jo, Mike, Mush, Race, Romeo, Specs, Splasher, and Tommy Boy, are some of the hard-working kids of New York City that go on strike for a livable wage. May be cast male or female.

Is newsies an all male cast?

IN REGARDS TO GENDER: You will notice that many roles are listed as “male.” The lead roles in this show are overwhelmingly male characters, because this story is based on an actual historical event, and nearly all newsies were male.

How old is Jack in newsies?

Plot. In 1899, 17-year-old Jack “Cowboy” Kelly is one of many struggling newspaper hawkers in New York City, selling copies of the New York World on the streets of Manhattan (“Carrying the Banner”).

Is newsies Based on a true story?

Newsies is based on the newsboys’ strike of 1899.

The Newsies musical is based on the 1992 Disney movie, which in turn is based on an actual historical event. First, a little background: Newspaper sellers had to buy papers from the publisher each day, and the newsies made their money back by upselling them.

Do Newsies still exist?

News Across the U.S.

The show is based on the real life Newsboy Strike of 1899 in New York City, which resulted in publishers buying back any extra newspapers from newsies at the end of a workday. Today, Curbside vendors are like modern day newsies, said Whitley O’Connor, Curbside co-founder.

How old were newsboys?

But in the early twentieth century, reformers worried that street life would harm the morals and the health of newsboys, most of whom were between the ages of ten and thirteen , and the overwhelming majority of whom, surveys showed, loved the freedom and excitement of their jobs.

What is the message of Newsies?

“Newsies” was inspired by a real-life two-week strike by newsboys in 1899, led by Kid Blink, against the powerful newspaper publishers of the time, including William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. It addresses themes of social justice, exploitative child labor practices and fighting the establishment.