Who has the best record in MMA history?

The most finishes in UFC history belong to Charles Oliveira with 18 and tops Donald Cerrone (16) and Anderson Silva (14). Oliveira appeared in 28 UFC bouts and won 20 of them. Of those 20 wins, he finished 18 of them. Only the fights against Jeremy Stephens and Tony Ferguson came in unanimous decision victories.

How much did Tim Kennedy make in the UFC?

Kennedy has often been vocal about how little the UFC pays its fighters. For UFC 162, Tim Kennedy salary was supposed to be $55,000 which could potentially increase to $70,000 if he won.

Tim Kennedy Salary.

Net Worth $1 million
Nationality American
Last Updated 2019

1 more row

How good was Tim Kennedy UFC?

With a professional record of 14-3, and victories over Robbie Lawler, Melvin Manhoef, Trevor Prangley and Jason “Mayhem” Miller, and a loss to Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, Kennedy has certainly faced some top flight competition in his career.

How long was Tim Kennedy in the UFC?

Tim Kennedy (fighter)
Tim Kennedy
Years active 2001-2003, 2006-2016, 2021
Mixed martial arts record
Total 24
Wins 18

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Who is the goat of UFC MMA?

Miocic among the MMA GOATs is undeniable thanks to defending his heavyweight championship against Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos and Francis Ngannou all in succession. Then, taking two of three fights from Daniel Cormier to win that trilogy only certified his legacy that much further.

What is the quickest UFC fight ever?

The fastest knockout in UFC history occurred at UFC 239 in the Welterweight division contest between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren. Masvidal was able to finish Askren in just 5 seconds, with an unbelievable flying knee that took out the wrestling specialist in an unbelievably quick fashion.

Who is the hardest hitting UFC fighter?

Ngannou holds the record for the hardest punch ever landed at 129,161 units, with Dana White putting that figure into real-life situations.

Who is the weakest UFC fighter?

John Alessio

To this day the only fighter in the history of the UFC to go 0-5, Alessio takes the cake as the worst fighter (by record) in UFC history. This ranking is by record alone, however, as Alessio actually showed tact in each of his fights but was never able to finish the job.

Who has the fastest punch in MMA?

The other three fighters who landed in the top five fastest punches all closed out the fights by KO or TKO.

Fastest punches through PFL 3.

Fighter Division Speed (mph)
Viktor Nemkov Light heavyweight 30.6
Ante Delija Heavyweight 27.1
Bozigit Ataev Light heavyweight 25.5

Who has been on the UFC roster the longest?

1. Frank Mir. Frank Mir has spent nearly 11 years and eight months on the UFC roster, but he’s still ranked among the top heavyweights in the organization. In his long UFC tenure, Mir has won a UFC championship and an interim title.

Who is the oldest retired UFC fighter?

John Williams was a Canadian retired mixed martial artist, who became the oldest active professional mixed martial artist at age 70, when he made his professional fight debut against Larry Brewbaker on 24 July 2010.

John Williams (mixed martial artist)

John Williams
Losses 0
Other information
Occupation Doctor, Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Who is the oldest UFC champion in history?

1. Randy Couture. Randy Couture is the oldest champion in UFC history, and he will likely forever hold that distinction. At the age that Anderson Silva was dethroned by Chris Weidman, Couture had just begun a second out of three heavyweight title reigns.