Who has the largest contract in MLB?

The longest contracts in baseball history
  • Julio Rodríguez , CF, Mariners: 13 years, $210 million (2023-35)
  • Fernando Tatis Jr., SS, Padres: 14 years, $340 million (2021-34)
  • Rafael Devers, 3B, Red Sox: 11 years, $331 million (2023-33) (per source)
  • Xander Bogaerts, SS, Padres: 11 years, $280 million (2023-33)

Who is highest-paid baseball player?

1. Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – $426.5M (12 years) Trout’s contract, signed in March 2019, added two years to the outfielder’s existing deal with the Angels and easily remains the highest in MLB history.

How much does Nike pay Mike Trout?

How much is Mike Trout’s Nike contract worth? Mike Trout’s contract with Nike is worth an estimated $33 million per year, making it the most lucrative endorsement deal in all of sports. The contract includes a salary and bonuses, which could total up to $60 million over the course of its duration.

How much will Mike Trout make in 2022?

Before the 2019 season, the Angels locked Mike Trout down with a 12-year deal worth $426 million. In 2022, Trout earned a base salary of $35,450,000, while carrying a total salary of $37,116,666, according to Spotrac.

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Who is the highest paid Yankee?

Highest paid position player in MLB 2023: Aaron Judge, outfielder, New York Yankees
  • Aaron Judge contract: 9 years, $360 million.
  • Aaron Judge salary: $40 million AAV.

Who has the highest NBA salary?

Warriors star Stephen Curry is on the books for $48.1 million in the 2022-23 season, making him the league’s highest earner for the sixth straight season.

How much is a 10 day salary in NBA?

NBA 10-day contracts range from 61,000 to 175,000 dollars, based on the player’s experience. Essentially, the minimum salary they are eligible for is pro-rated for the length of the contract.

What is the highest paid sport?

Basketball is the highest paid sport in the world, with the average annual salary in the NBA in 2023 being nearly $10.5 million. This is more than double the average salary in the NFL, which sits in second place at $4.5 million.

Who is lowest paid NBA?

Ishmail Wainright is the NBA’s lowest paid player

As things stand, the dubious honor of lowest paid player in the league is held by Ishmail Wainright of the Phoenix Suns, who earns a grand total of $633,891.

Who is highest paid MLB player 2022?

Highest-paid MLB Players of 2022 by Total Compensation
  • Mets SP Max Scherzer: $43,333,333. Contract: 3 years, $130,000,000.
  • Rangers SS Corey Seager: $37,500,000.
  • Twins SS Carlos Correa: $35,100,000.
  • Padres 3B Manny Machado: $30,000,000.
  • Cardinals 3B Nolan Arenado: $29,429,500.
  • Mets SS Francisco Lindor: $27,000,000.

What is the average salary for a baseball player in 2022?

As one of the biggest sports leagues in America with TV viewers reaching into the millions, Major League Baseball can afford to pay its players handsomely. The average salary for a player in the MLB stood at 4.41 million U.S. dollars in 2022.

How much do AAA baseball players make 2022?

According to Front Office Sports, as of 2022, MLB Players make an annual average of $4.41 million, while the average salary of a minor leaguer paid can be anywhere from $4,800 to $14,700.