Who held the WWE Championship the longest in history?

Bruno Sammartino was the rock that WWE was built upon. The fact that he has the all-time longest title reign in WWE history is apropos for a man of his legendary stature — and the fact that he also lays claim to an additional three-and-a-half year reign is beyond impressive as well.

Who is the longest reigning black WWE Champion?

Bianca Belair has hit an interesting milestone, as she’s now the longest-reigning Black world champion in WWE history. She hit 200 days in her reign as RAW Women’s Champion, which surpasses previous world title reigns by Bobby Lashley (196), Kofi Kingston (180), Sasha Banks (167), Naomi (140) and The Rock (119).

Who is a 7 time WWE champion?

Overall, there have been 25 different official champions, with Edge having the most reigns at seven.

Who went undefeated the longest in WWE?

At Starrcade, Goldberg’s undefeated streak ended at an official approximate count of 173–0, and after 174 days as champion when he lost the title to Kevin Nash, after Scott Hall, disguised as a ringside security guard, made a run-in and shocked Goldberg with a taser gun.

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Has WWE ever had a black champion?

That title belt was held by Booker T back in 2006. It is interesting to note, that Booker T also had five different reigns as WCW World Heavyweight Champion. This was also the championship that Ron Simmons won back in 1992, making him the first ever African American World Champion in history.

Who is the longest running WWE wrestler?

1) The Undertaker: 30 years

Undertaker would go on to defeat Hulk Hogan for the WWE title at the Survivor Series event in 1991 – his first singles championship in the company. Since then, Taker has become the most recognizable wrestler in the world, known even to those who don’t enjoy the sport.

Who is the fastest winner in WWE?

ALIYAH made history with the fastest-ever WWE victory after she beat Natalya in just 3.17 SECONDS. The 27-year-old Canadian stunned her fellow countrywoman by rolling her up and pinning her with the very first move of the match.

Who is the biggest wrestler in history?

Jorge González (wrestler)
Jorge González
Ring name(s) El Gigante El Yeti Giant Gonzalez
Billed height 8 ft (244 cm)
Billed weight 460 lb (209 kg)
Billed from Argentina (Andes)

Who is the best WWE fighter in history?

  1. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. WWE. 91.9M subscribers.
  2. The Undertaker. Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports. No other WWE wrestler has ever had the main event-level longevity of The Undertaker.
  3. Hulk Hogan. WWE. 91.7M subscribers.
  4. The Rock. WWE. 91.9M subscribers.
  5. Shawn Michaels. WWE.
  6. Triple H. WWE.
  7. Kurt Angle. WWE.
  8. John Cena. WWE.

Who has the biggest chest in WWE?

The number 1 chest of all time goes to Andre The Giant and who else could it have been.

Who has biggest biceps in WWE?

Scott Steiner is the man who has the biggest biceps in WWE History at 26 Inches which is bigger than the faces of most people. He is a living legend of wrestling and this year he was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame for his immense contribution to the spurt.

Who has the best abs in WWE?

The 434
  • Finn Balor.
  • Rick Rude.
  • Tony Nese.
  • Naomi.
  • John Morrison.
  • Dolph Ziggler.
  • R Truth.
  • Zack Ryder.