Who is Ahmad Alzahabi?

Ahmad Alzahabi, Flint-raised TikTok cooking star and Chopped champion.

What is The Golden Balance real name?

GENESEE COUNTY, MI – He may have won a cooking show competition. But he’s not a chef. Ahmad Alzahabi, better known as The Golden Balance on TikTok, doesn’t claim to have any professional kitchen training.

What does The Golden Balance say before he eats?

The Golden Balance catchphrase

The story behind his signature sendoff, “Now Bismillah,” began with a commenter. “’Bismillah’ is an Arabic word that simply means ‘In the name of God,’ and it’s typically what we (Muslims) say before we act upon something,” Alzahabi said.

Did Golden Balance win chopped?

@The Golden Balance wins chopped !! Congrats !!

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Where does Ahmad Alzahabi live?

The Syrian American posts instructional videos from his Flint, Michigan, home on creating some of his favorite dishes. For Alzahabi, his YouTube Shorts videos are a family affair: he showcases some of his mother’s recipes while his father serves as a trusted taste-tester.

Has anyone been seriously injured on Chopped?

Chef Brandon Frohne has only three fingers on one hand, but that doesn’t stop him from accidentally cutting another one after he runs through the kitchen with a knife. He cuts his finger so badly that he loses five minutes of the entree round bandaging his wound and working around his injury.

Who won Chopped 2022?

Chopped’s Newest Grand Champion

Chef Jun Tanaka is ultimately named the Chopped Grand Champion and claims a $50,000 prize that he’ll use to start his own restaurant. “I can’t believe that I’m the Grand Champion,” he says excitedly. “I’m going to take that accolade back to Britain and take it to the next level.”

Who won Chopped casino?

Seattle chef Kaleena Bliss wins ‘Chopped: Casino Royale’ on Food Network. Congrats are in order for Seattle chef Kaleena Bliss, who has just been crowned the winner of Food Network’s “Chopped: Casino Royale” tournament.

Who won Chopped Casino Royale Battle 3?

Seattle chef Kaleena Bliss talks about her win on ‘Chopped: Casino Royale’

Who won Chopped Tournament of Champions?

Jun Tanaka

Who won $50000 on Chopped?

$50,000 Tournament: Round One
Season 5, Episode 4
Winner Madison Cowan
Episode Guide
previous Squashed next $50,000 Tournament: Round Two

1 more row

How did Chopped judge lose his arm?

Hunting accident

On October 9, 2011, while bow-hunting elk in the Montana backcountry, Garcia came across the dry remains of a bear. Attempting to remove a claw with his knife, he received a severe electrical shock from a 2400-volt power line hidden underneath its carcass.