Who is Allegra in The Flash supposed to be?

She was born in the Amazon, the daughter of Eduardo Reyes aka Wavelength and inherted his powers to control the electromagnetic spectrum. Unfortunately, good looks weren’t the only thing Allegra inherited from her father, though, as she also developed his same powers of control over the electromagnetic spectrum.

Does Allegra have powers in The Flash?

Powers and abilities

Allegra is one of team Flash’s most powerful members as she has the ability to control the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Is Allegra in Season 7 of The Flash?

Flash Promotes Kayla Compton, aka Allegra, to Series Regular for Season 7. The Flash team continues to expand: Kayla Compton, who plays Iris West-Allen’s intern Allegra Garcia, has been promoted to series regular for the upcoming seventh season, our sister site Deadline reports.

Do Chester and Allegra date in The Flash?

Chester is the best friend of Allegra Garcia and in an erased future, he was her boyfriend.

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Who replaces Cisco on The Flash?

According to Deadline Brandon McKnight is now going to be a regular on the 7th season of the CW’s, The Flash. McKnight plays Chester P Runk, a tech genius that will be taking Cisco Ramon’s place until or if Ramon returns.

What is Deathstorms weakness?

Weaknesses. Hunger: Though not a real weakness, Deathstorm is compelled to consume grief when he kills. Being rebuked by Chester and his experience with the Cold Fusion Sphere weakened him a bit as the Black Flame, although he has become stronger than ever in his physical form.

Is there a black flash?

The Black Flash is a fictional comic book character from DC Comics. Created by writers Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, and artist Ron Wagner, the character had cameos in The Flash vol. 2 #138 (June 1998), before appearing in full in The Flash vol.

Is Deathstorm Ronnie?

As it turned out, there was indeed a Ronnie Raymond connection, albeit not the one Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) was expecting. Following his full resurrection, the Black Flame stood revealed as Deathstorm, a cosmic entity born from Ronnie’s sacrifice in the season 2 premiere.

Who is the fire Meta in The Flash?

Robbie Amell is set to reprise his role as Ronnie Raymond’s Firestorm in two upcoming episodes of the series.

Who is the main villain in Season 8 of Flash?

The Flash season 8 has seen Barry Allen once again confronted by his old archenemy Eobard Thawne. The Reverse-Flash was the architect of Armageddon, a parallel dimension that somehow turned the Scarlet Speedster into the villain. But when good prevailed over evil, Thawne was left without speed and vowed revenge.

Who is the black flame DC?

Zora Vi-Lar was born the daughter of Kryptonian Vi-Lar in the surviving city of Kandor. As an adult, Zora turned towards a life of crime, and took on the masked identity of Black Flame. She became a foe of Supergirl who ultimately defeated Black Flame, rendering her powerless through the use of Gold Kryptonite.

Who is black flame?

The Black Flame is the name of a creature seen throughout the Hellboy Universe on several host bodies. Its supernatural powers are connected in some way to the Ogdru Hem creatures.