Who is Amanda to John in Saw?

At first a minor character in Saw, she was revealed to be John Kramer’s apprentice and the secondary antagonist of Saw II and Saw III was centered around her character. She made a minor appearance in Saw IV and returned for flashback scenes in Saw V and Saw VI. Amanda was featured in the first 7 movies.

Is Shawnee Smith still acting?

In addition to acting, Smith once fronted the rock band Fydolla Ho, with which she toured globally.

Shawnee Smith
Occupation Actress singer
Years active 1978–present
Spouse(s) Jason Reposar ​ ​ ( m. 1998; div. 2003)​ Kai Mattoon ​ ​ ( m. 2005; div. 2006)​
Children 3

Who played Amanda in Jigsaw?

Shawnee Smith

Who is Shawnee Smith married to?

Shawnee Smith/Spouse

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What nationality is Shawnee Smith?

Shawnee Smith / Nationality

How old is Shawnee Smith in Saw?

53 years (July 3, 1969)
Shawnee Smith / Age

Who is Jigsaw’s wife?

Jill Tuck (formerly Jill Kramer) is a fictional character in the Saw franchise, portrayed by Betsy Russell. She is the ex-wife of John Kramer, also known as the Jigsaw Killer.

How did Billy from Saw get his name?

Although never actually identified in the films, “Billy” is the name by which writers, directors, and members of the cast and crew refer to it in documentaries and interviews. The name was given to it by Australian creator James Wan, who is the director and co-writer of Saw.

Was Saw a true story?

Although many people are inspired by movies, and there may most certainly have been some notable murders that could have been inspired by Saw’s fictional killer Jigsaw… there is no real Jigsaw killer. The Saw franchise, no matter how creative, is not based upon a true story.

Was The Jigsaw Killer real?

John Kramer (colloquially known as “The Jigsaw Killer” or simply “Jigsaw”) is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Saw franchise. Jigsaw made his debut in the first film of the series, Saw, and appears in all subsequent sequels, with the exception of Spiral. He is portrayed by American actor Tobin Bell.

Why is it called Saw?

Saw, the first film in the series, takes its name from a pair of hacksaws that form a crucial piece of its intimate, nerve-shredding plot, but also from The Jigsaw Killer, a name given to a particularly mischievous murderer so named because of his tendency to carve puzzle piece-shaped chunks of skin out of his victims.

Which is the best Saw movie?

All Saw Movies, Ranked By Tomatometer
  • #8. Saw V (2008) 13% 52% #8.
  • #7. Saw IV (2007) 18% 62% #7.
  • #6. Saw III (2006) 30% 71% #6.
  • #5. Jigsaw (2017) 32% 89% #5.
  • #4. Saw II (2005) 37% 59% #4.
  • #3. Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021) 37% 60% #3.
  • #2. Saw VI (2009) 39% 43% #2.
  • #1. Saw (2004) 49% 84% #1.