Who is Andrew Stevens father?

Stevens was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the only child of actress Stella Stevens and her former husband Noble Herman Stephens.

Who is Andrew Stevens married to?

Andrew Stevens/Spouse

How old is Andrew Stevens now?

67 years (June 10, 1955)
Andrew Stevens / Age

Does Andrew Stevens have children?

Andrew Stevens/Children

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What happened between Kate Jackson and Andrew Stevens?

After a six-month courtship, Jackson married actor Andrew Stevens (the son of actress Stella Stevens) in August 1978. The couple divorced in 1981.

Who is Kate Jackson’s partner?

Kate Jackson/Spouse

Does Andrew Stevens have a son?

Sam Stevens
Andrew Stevens / Son

Does Dan Stevens know his biological parents?

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He also spoke candidly about his childhood to The Guardian, and admitted that he hasn’t attempted to find his birth parents. When asked if he’d ever tried to track them down, he said: “Not really actively.

Is Dan Stevens still married?

Who is Dan Stevens’ wife? Dan Stevens is married to Susie Harriet, who is a South African-born jazz singer and vocal coach.

Is Stella Stevens married?

Noble Herman Stephens
Stella Stevens / Spouse (m. 1954–1957)

Did Stella Stevens like Elvis Presley?

Stella Stevens said in a 1994 interview that Elvis was very pleasant to work with. Even though they were both from Memphis, they didn’t relate to each other much and Stella only worked on the film for eight days.

How old is Stella Stevenson?

84 years (October 1, 1938)
Stella Stevens / Age