Who is Andrew’s wife on Brojects?

Ashley Kruse is the wife of Brojects host Andrew Buckles.

What does Andrew from Brojects do for a living?

Andrew Buckles and Kevin Buckles are creators and entertainers, best known for Brojects: In the House (2016), Brojects (2014), and Air Guitar in Oulu (2003).

Who are Andrew and Kevin Buckles?

Andrew Buckles is the co-host of Brojects and younger brother of Kevin Buckles. He is also a co-creator of the show and one of its producers.

Where is the Brojects Cottage located?

Brojects: In The House launches Spring 2016 on Cottage Life. Principal photography began June 29, 2015 in Great Village, Nova Scotia.

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Where do the brothers from Brojects live?

The brothers grew up in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and Kevin now lives in Halifax, while Andrew is on the west coast. They stay in the Great Village building while shooting and have also had friends and family stay. “There was more stress at first, when we were more set in our ways,” said Andrew.

How many seasons did Brojects run?

The brothers, with six seasons of shows under their tool belts, said they feel the popularity of Brojects boils down to two things: fun and cottage life.

Where can I watch Brojects in the House?

Watch the all-new series Brojects: In The House every Thursday at 9 pm (ET/PT) on Cottage Life.

What streaming service has Brojects?

Brojects | Apple TV (CA) Follow siblings Andrew and Kevin as they retreat from everyday life and head to the cottage, where they take on challenging and quirky DIY projects.

What channel is Brojects on?

Watch Brojects every Thursday at 9 pm (ET/PT) on Cottage Life.

Are there new episodes of Brojects?

Upcoming episodes

No upcoming air dates currently scheduled for this program.

What streaming service has Cottage Life?

Cottage Life is now on the Apple TV app! ITW Construction Products provide fasteners, fastening systems, nails, screws, anchors and tools Helping businesses, communities and people face their futures with confidence.

Who owns Cottage Life Channel?

Cottage Life is a Canadian English language Category A specialty channel owned by Blue Ant Media.