Who is Angel From Basketball Wives baby daddy?

‘Basketball Wives’ star Angel Brinks’s baby daddy is RoccStar. While Angel Brinks came to Basketball Wives LA in its fourth season as a friend through her connection to Tyreke, she’s now with someone new in Basketball Wives’ tenth season.

Did Angel from basketball wives have baby?

Events of her birth are now being shared on the reality TV show, leaving those watching cooing over her newborn. She shares her first child, Azari, with her late ex-husband who ended his life while she was nine months pregnant. Angel also shares her second child with an NBA player named Tyreke Evans.

What happened to Angel From Basketball Wives?

Since then, Angel Brinks has recovered a lot in life. She’s currently on the show with his current partne Roccstar, who is also the father of the baby Brinks is carrying. The loving couple held a gender reveal party on the show at which Roccstar delivered her yet another promise ring while she was expecting a proposal.

Where is Angel Brinks now?

He currently has a position as the shooting guard for the Sacramento Kings. Angel’s relationship with Tyreke is the reason she’s able to participate on Basketball Wives. In order to be a cast member on the show, you have to be a wife, ex-wife, girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend of someone who’s played in the NBA.

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How old is Angel brink?

40 years (October 19, 1982)
Angel Brinks / Age

How old is Angel Basketball Wives?

She was born on October 19, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. Right from her childhood days, she had a passion for design. The 39-year-old studied Fashion Design and Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandise and she completed her degree in fashion design.

What does Angel Brinks do?

October 19, 2022. Angel Brinks, born October 19, 1982, is a “Basketball Wives L.A.” reality television star who also works as a fashion designer. Leggings, bodysuits, dresses, lingerie, rompers, jeans, and jackets are all part of her self-titled fashion collection. Her Instagram account has millions of followers.

How old is Brandi Maxiell?

39 years (May 21, 1983)
Brandi Maxiell / Age

How many kids does RoccStar have?

How many children does RoccStar have? RoccStar has one son with Angel. In November 2021 he posted: “”Thank you @angelbrinks for bringing into the world the greatest gift ever!

How Old Is Duffy the DJ?

Basketball Wives: Duffey’s birthday

Born as Latosha Duffey on August 25th 1988, making her 33 years old at the time of writing.

How many kids does DJ Duffey have?

DJ Duffey has two kids — a son from a previous marriage and a daughter with Iman. One quick perusal of DJ Duffey’s Instagram page will show you that she loves to turn up. Aside from her fun and bubbly personality, she is also an amazing mother of two beautiful children.

Who is Duffy married to?

Rachel Campos-Duffy
Occupation Television personality
Years active 1994–present
Spouse Sean Duffy ​ ( m. 1999)​
Children 9