Who is Anthony the artist?

Anthony James is a British/American artist, based in Los Angeles, known for his monumental and experiential sculptures and installations.

Anthony James (artist)

Anthony James
Known for Sculpture, painting, and experiential Installation art

Who played Albert Moses on Gunsmoke?

Gunsmoke (TV Series 1955–1975) – Anthony James as Elbert Moses, Chickenfoot, Elbert, Loyal Yewker, Reb Dooley – IMDb.

What actor appeared the most on Gunsmoke?

But not of them crossed paths with Matt Dillon quite as much as Morgan Woodward. Woodward, whose mustachioed face illustrated the “Dirty Half-Dozen” article, guest-starred on Gunsmoke more than any other actor — 19 times, typically as the bad guy.

Who turned down the lead in Gunsmoke?

The actor was 32 when friend John Wayne declined the lead role in “Gunsmoke” and recommended Arness instead. Afraid of being typecast, Arness initially rejected it. “Go ahead and take it, Jim,” Wayne urged him.

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What actress has the most guest appearances on Gunsmoke?

R.I.P. Morgan Woodward, who guest-starred in a record 19 episodes of ‘Gunsmoke’

Who was the actor in the opening scene of Gunsmoke?

Arvo Oswald Ojala (February 21, 1920 – July 1, 2005) was a Hollywood technical advisor on the subject of quick-draw with a revolver. He also worked as an actor; his most famous role was that of the unnamed man shot by Marshal Matt Dillon in the opening sequences of the long-running television series Gunsmoke.

Who played Carter’s daughter on Gunsmoke?

Mariette Hartley
Education Carnegie Institute of Technology (BFA)
Occupation Actress
Years active 1962–present
Spouse(s) John Seventa ​ ​ ( m. 1960; div. 1962)​ Patrick Boyriven ​ ​ ( m. 1978; div. 1996)​ Jerry Sroka ​ ​ ( m. 2005)​

Did Jodie Foster ever appear in an episode of Gunsmoke?

“Gunsmoke” The Predators (TV Episode 1972) – Jodie Foster as Marieanne – IMDb.

Did Loretta Swit ever appear on Gunsmoke?

Television. When Swit arrived in Hollywood in 1969, she performed guest roles in various television series, including Hawaii Five-O (her first TV credit), Gunsmoke, Mission: Impossible, and Mannix.

Was there ever a black man on Gunsmoke?

Jester Hairston was the first black actor to appear in the series.

Did Betty Hutton ever appear on Gunsmoke?

“Gunsmoke” Bad Lady from Brookline (TV Episode 1965) – Betty Hutton as Molly McConnell – IMDb.

Did Matt and Kitty ever hook up on Gunsmoke?

Despite the wishes of many fans, Dodge City’s most obvious couple never officially got together.