Who is Austin McBroom married to?

Catherine Paiz
Austin McBroom / Spouse (m. 2017)

Who is Catherine Paiz husband?

Austin McBroom
Catherine Paiz / Husband (m. 2017)

When did Catherine Paiz marry?

2017 (Austin McBroom)
Catherine Paiz / Wedding date

Are Austin and Catherine already married?

While some assumed that the video title would be clickbait, Catherine and Austin did finally clear up the speculation and confirm that they got married.

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Did Austin and Catherine split?

Austin and Catherine McBroom shared a new video on their account over the weekend, sharing that they are stepping away from the channel after 2022. The couple have been documenting their family life on the platform since 2016, and starting next year, they’re going to take some time off.

Is Austin and Jessica still together?

Jessica and Austin are one of the few success stories to come out of the franchise and they have shown how it can lead to a great marriage. As the only couple still together from Married at First Sight season 10, they have certainly beat the odds and look happier than ever with their new baby.

When did Austin McBroom get married?

Austin McBroom / Marry date

How old is Catherine Paiz?

32 years (August 24, 1990)
Catherine Paiz / Age

How old is Austin McBroom?

30 years (May 20, 1992)
Austin McBroom / Age

Where is the Ace family living now?

Located in Tarzana, an upscale neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley immediately adjacent to Woodland Hills, the nearly one-acre estate includes a large motorcourt, a two-story main house, detached guesthouse, pool and volleyball court.

Who owns the Ace family house now?

YouTube brothers the ‘Stokes Twins’ have purchased the infamous ACE Family mansion for $3 million below its listed price after the home’s foreclosure last year.

Who bought Ace family mansion?

Brothers Alan and Alex Stokes — better known as the Stokes Twins — bought the property for about $9.3 million, a big discount off the $13 million asking price but still leagues more than any home in the surrounding area has ever fetched.