Who is Chloe Trautmans husband?

The premiere of Siesta Key is Thursday night and from the trailer, it looks like we’re introduced to Chloe Trautman’s boyfriend-turned-husband, Chris Long. (The season filmed in the summer/fall of 2021 when they were dating, the pair got engaged in November, 2021 and married in February, 2022.)

Is Chloe from Siesta Key still married?

Of course, Chloe and Chris, who got engaged in November 2021, made it to the altar!

Are Chloe and Chris from Siesta Key still together?

Siesta Key’s Chloe Trautman and Chris Long are married following their November 2021 engagement.

Who did Chloe from Siesta keys marry?

Time to “freak out” in the best possible way — Chloe Trautman and Chris Long are married! The Siesta Key star wed her “soulmate” over the weekend in a gorgeous ceremony, following a four-month engagement. “Mrs.

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Is Kelsey still with Max?

Kelsey and her boyfriend Max are going strong, and the two just marked a big relationship step during tonight’s Siesta Key episode. After an entire year of long-distance love, Max made the move to the Key and became Florida official.

Is Sam still dating Juliette?

The swimwear company owner was confident that Sam was the one for her, and the two even began living together in his Siesta Key mansion. Unfortunately, by August 2021, the pair was no longer together.

Who did Chloe Sevigny married?

Last week Chloë Sevigny married her husband Siniša Mačković in a star-studded ceremony.

Did Madisson and Ish have their baby?

Madisson Hausburg is continuing to mourn the loss of her baby boy. On Thursday’s season finale of Siesta Key, Hausburg opens up on camera for the first time about the heartbreaking stillbirth of her and her husband Ish Soto’s son, Elliot.

Who is still together on Siesta Key?

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter and boyfriend Clark Drum are still together after making their MTV debut during season 4. Fans met Clark, 28, on-screen when he and Juliette, 24, attended the wedding of her costar Madisson Hausburg and husband Ish Soto, which happened in October 2021.

Do Alex and Juliette get back together?

Juliette from ‘Siesta Key’ Just Spilled Details on Her Relationship with Alex. The short answer is no, Juliette and Alex are no longer together. MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ season 2 had a lot of relationship ups and downs, but viewers all over the country are asking the burning question.

Is Alex Kompo and Alyssa still together?

But, things have since been cleared up, especially since Juliette has moved on as well — she’s got a new boyfriend! There’s no love lost between the exes, and so fans of Alex and Alyssa shouldn’t worry — the couple is strong and don’t show any signs of slowing down!

Did Alex cheat on Alyssa?

Alex Kompothecras cheated on Alyssa Salerno with Juliette Porter. In season 3 of Siesta Key, Porter admitted she was still in love with Kompothecras. And Porter’s lingering feelings for Kompothecras didn’t sit well with Salerno.