Who is CJ real name?

Christopher Daniel Soriano Jr.

How Old Is CJ the rapper?

25 years (January 4, 1997)
CJ / Age

Where was CJ born?

Staten Island, New York, United States
CJ / Place of birth

Is CJ Indian?

CJ’s Family Is From Puerto Rico

Open his lata. Then he dancing bachata” were inspired by CJ’s proud Puerto Rican roots. The rapper explained; I’m Puerto Rican, you know what I’m saying?

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How old is TJAY?

21 years (April 30, 2001)
Lil Tjay / Age

What high school did real CJ go to?

The Port Richmond High School graduate — born Christopher Daniel Soriano Jr. — has been working toward his big break for the better part of a decade. When he was around 14 years old, he bought a laptop and a microphone and “just started playing around on beats at home.”

Who signed CJ?

CJ/Record labels

How did Whoopty explode?

“Whoopty” became his breakthrough single after it blew up as a TikTok dance challenge. The song title is a saying or greeting used by the LA gang The Brims AKA Hats. The rest of the lyrics are the familiar rap tropes of money, women, drugs and threats to opps. Cypriot producer Pxcoyo came up with the gritty drill beat.

Who inspired pop smoke?

Pop Smoke was influenced by the UK drill scene as well as 2000s gangster rap. Specifically, Pop Smoke’s early music and inspiration were thanks in part to 50 Cent. 50 took Pop Smoke under his wing with open arms and sought to executive produce Pop Smoke’s album in the wake of his death.

When did CJ release whoopty?

Whoopty / Released

Who wrote whoopty?

Whoopty / Composer

Is Whoopty copyrighted?

CJ – Whoopty (Remix) by INFINITY NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC – Free download on ToneDen.