Who is cymphonique Miller parents?

Master P
Cymphonique Miller / Parents

Percy Robert Miller Sr., known by his stage name Master P, is an American rapper, record executive, actor, and entrepreneur.


Who is Itali Miller mother?

Sonya C
Itali Miller / Mother

How many baby mamas do Master P have?

In total, his big brood of children were born to three different mothers. Here we take you through who Master’s kids are and what they are up to.

What is cymphonique nationality?

Cymphonique Miller / Nationality

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Is cymphonique Miller Black?

She is the daughter of Percy Robert Miller (Master P) and you might also know her by her famous brother who is a hip-hop musician Romeo Miller.

Cymphonique Miller
Height 5’1″
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Occupation Actress, singer, rapper

Where is cymphonique Miller from?

San Francisco, California, United States
Cymphonique Miller / Place of birth

San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the commercial, financial, and cultural center of Northern California. The city proper is the fourth most populous in California and 17th most populous in the United States, with 815,201 residents as of 2021.


Which one of Master P daughter passed away?

“Our family is dealing with an overwhelming grief for the loss of my daughter Tytyana,” he wrote at the time. “Mental illness & substance abuse is a real issue that we can’t be afraid to talk about. With God, we will get through this.

Who is Percy Miller wife?

Sonya C
Master P / Wife (m. 1989)

How old is Mercy Miller?

17 years (13 September 2005)
Mercy Miller / Age

Is cymphonique Miller mixed?

Her father, Mr. P, is African-American, and it is presumed that Cymphonique Miller Filipino ancestry comes from her mother, a mixture of Filipino and Spanish.

What is cymphonique real name?

Cymphonique Miller

How old is Tytyana Miller?

25 years (1996–2022)
Tytyana Miller / Age at death