Who is Delroy Lindo married to?

Personal life. Lindo married his wife Nashormeh Lindo in 1990.

Does Delroy Lindo have any children?

Damiri Lindo
Delroy Lindo / Children

Is Delroy Lindo Jamaican?

He was actually born in Lewisham, London, to parents of Jamaican origin (his ability to do a perfect accent helped land him the role of West Indian Archie in Malcolm X). He spent the first 12 years of his life in the UK before his mother, a nurse, emigrated to Canada then to San Francisco, where he studied acting.

What movies has Delroy Lindo played in?

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How long was Delroy Grant jailed?

On 24 March 2011, Grant was found guilty of 22 offences. The following day he was given four life sentences and ordered to serve a minimum of 27 years in prison.

How did the police miss Delroy Grant?

In the car boot and glove compartment were found clothing worn by Grant during the attacks and a crowbar linked to a break-in. A police dog was brought in. Tracing the scent backwards from the car, it found police had seen Grant after he had attempted to break in and had tried to force a window.

Did Delroy Grant accuse son?

In January Delroy Jr was dealt a final insult when he learned his father had told police to consider his son as a suspect. During his trial, Woolwich Crown Court heard how Grant had said: “Have you thought about my son, Delroy Jr? He lives in the right area and he is the same height as me.”

Was Delroy Lindo in the Vietnam War?

“It’s really important to understand that Paul volunteered for those three tours in Vietnam. I was not drafted. I volunteered,” Lindo says. “So, to experience the betrayal when I come back to the country, to experience the fact that I was reviled for my service constitutes a huge betrayal.

What job did Delroy Grant do?

Grant, a former carpenter and minicab driver, became his wife’s full-time carer. “Even now, I still respect him for the way he looked after his wife. He was a No 1 to all of us on the street because he was so kind to her and so gentle,” said Ray, a friend and neighbour of Grant’s for the past 17 years.

Where is Delroy Grant now?

He moved back to London and met Jennifer Edwards, who he moved in with in Brockley. They were looking after Grant’s two sons and Edwards’ two daughters.

Is Colin Sutton still working?

Where is Colin Sutton now? As per MyLondon, Colin Sutton currently lives in Suffolk with his family and still works as a consultant for crime writers as well as occasionally carrying out private investigations for various clients.

Who is Delroy Grants wife?

In 1975 he met his first wife Janet Watson. Within two weeks they were engaged. Janet believed she’d found her own prince charming, but after the wedding things took a dramatic turn for the worse. Janet discovered that Grant had an obsession with tidiness and being in control.