Who is Ella Bleu Travolta to John Travolta?

John Travolta is a proud dad. On Tuesday, the Grease star posted a sweet Instagram tribute to his 22-year-old daughter Ella Bleu, whom he shares with late wife Kelly Preston, featuring a selfie of the young actress with a cat.

What movies has Ella Bleu Travolta played in?

Ella Bleu Travolta/Appears in

How old is Ella Bleu Travolta?

22 years (3 April 2000)
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What is it about John Travoltas daughter?

Ella Bleu Travolta
John Travolta / Daughter

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What was Travolta accused of?

In 2012, two John Doe masseurs filed two separate $2 million civil lawsuits against John, claiming sexual harassment. Both had similar stories, and allege that they received unwanted sexual advances from the actor during a massage in a hotel room.

How is John Travolta coping with the loss of his wife?

But eventually, he had to step away and force himself to confront the heartbreak. While most people tend to gather in support after loss, Travolta said he found himself so overwhelmed and “saturated” with everyone else’s sadness that he “didn’t know what to do.”

What did Scarlett Johansson say about John Travolta?

Though the rest of the world saw this as a creepy moment, Scarlett Johansson later defended Travolta and said there was nothing inappropriate about it. While speaking with the Associated Press, the Lost in Translation star said, “There is nothing strange, creepy, or inappropriate about John Travolta.

Who turned down pulp fiction because of John Travolta?

Tarantino wanted John Travolta, but the studio floated Daniel Day-Lewis, William Hurt, and Sean Penn. And basically promised to deliver all of them if he wanted one.

What was Jett Travolta disability?

“[Jett] was autistic. He had seizures and when he was very young, he had Kawasaki Syndrome,” Preston said at the time. Kawasaki Syndrome is an acute febrile illness that causes inflammation in blood vessels throughout the body. It’s most common in infants and young children.

What is the cause of Kawasaki disease?

The exact cause of Kawasaki disease is unknown. Because it causes a high fever and swelling of the lymph nodes, Kawasaki disease is thought to be related to an infection. It may occur in children who have a genetic predisposition to the disease. The disease is not contagious.

What happened to John Travolta son Jet?

Jett died in 2009 at 16 years old after having a seizure and hitting his head in a bathtub.

Who did John Travolta lose his family?

Tragically, they lost their eldest son Jett in January 2009 at the age of just 16. He had a history of seizures from the age of two and had to be hospitalized at 15 months with Kawasaki disease. Jett died during a Christmas family holiday in the Bahamas.