Who is Emily Harrington married to?

Personal life. Emily has been in a relationship with Adrian Ballinger since 2012; they were married December 11, 2021 in Ecuador. Emily and Adrian met on a climb of Mount Everest. She lives in Squaw Valley, California.

How old is Emily Harrington?

36 years (August 17, 1986)
Emily Harrington / Age

How far did Emily Harrington fall?

However, an attempt last year ended in disaster after Harrington fell 50 feet, hit her head on a ledge, and suffered concussion. “It was very scary. It was very serious initially and it turned out that I got really lucky and I did not suffer any long-term injuries,” she added.Dec 18, 2563 BE

Where did Emily Harrington fall?

Back in November, climber Emily Harrington was training for an attempt on El Capitan in Yosemite when she took a nasty fall just two pitches into her climb. That accident ended up putting her in the hospital and sent a scare throughout the entire climbing community.Mar 10, 2564 BE

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Where does Brett Harrington live?

Harrington moved to Vancouver, Canada to attend the University of British Columbia.

How many people have fallen off El Capitan?

Over thirty fatalities have been recorded between 1905 and 2018 while climbing El Capitan, including seasoned climbers.

What mountain did Emily Harrington climb?

From El Capitan to Everest

Emily Harrington is one of the most successful and versatile professional climbers in the world. She’s a five time US National Champion, has completed numerous first female ascents of 5.14 routes, summited Mt Everest, and made a complete ski descent of Cho Oyu – the world’s 6th tallest peak.

Did Alex Honnold drop Emily?

Dramatic moment climber Emily Harrington, 33, is taken down El Capitan after being saved by Free Solo star Alex Honnold following a 150-foot fall in the dark.Nov 28, 2562 BE

When did Emily Harrington climb El Capitan?

Emily Harrington became the first woman to climb, in less than one day, the Golden Gate route of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, pictured here in June 2015.Nov 10, 2563 BE

What is Brette Harrington doing now?

Most recently, Harrington featured prominently in the 2021 biopic The Alpinist (also directed by Nick Rosen alongside Peter Mortimer). The documentary followed the life and climbs of her former partner Marc-André Leclerc.Jul 27, 2565 BE

Who is the best free climber in the world?

Alexander Honnold (born August 17, 1985) is an American rock climber best known for his free solo ascents of big walls.

Did Marc André Leclerc free solo?

Like Alex Honnold, Marc-Andre Leclerc will probably be remembered (outside the climbing community) for his free solo climbs and first solo ascent achievements.Mar 20, 2565 BE