Who is Honest Teacher Vibes?

Bri Richardson is a 7th grade ELA teacher with a passion for bringing humor and joy to the classroom. It is her 4th year as an educator. She uses humor as a way to relieve stress and deal with all the craziness that comes with being an educator. You may have seen her on TikTok as Honest Teacher Vibes.

Why are teachers on TikTok?

More teachers are using TikTok to engage their students, incorporating the social media platform’s content into more formal education as a way to meet students where they are.

Can teachers TikTok?

Teachers can also use TikTok to create short videos on specific subjects that students can watch. This is great for explaining lesson concepts. You can create a short and to the point video that can be watched multiple times so students are able to revisit the guidance when working on the task.

What is not allowed in TikTok?

We strive to create a platform that feels welcoming and safe. We do not allow nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content on our platform. We also prohibit content depicting or supporting non-consensual sexual acts, the sharing of non-consensual intimate imagery, and adult sexual solicitation.

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Who owns TikTok?

TikTok Launched in 2016. It took 2 years to become the most downloaded app in the USA in 2018. TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. Shou Zi Bite became the CEO of TikTok in May 2021.

Are teachers allowed to be Youtubers?

Yes, as long as you follow YouTube’s child safety policy but also check your school policy and regional and national laws.

Are teachers allowed to show YouTube videos?

Section 28 allows teachers and students to play YouTube videos in class where it is: in the course of education and not for profit and. the people in the audience or class are giving or receiving instruction, or are directly connected with the place where instruction is given.

Are teachers allowed to use YouTube videos?

Yes, using YouTube to demonstrate pedagogical points is fine, however, do not use YouTube videos that contain infringing content just as you would not use any other type of infringing content.

Can teachers show YouTube videos?

If a video is freely available on the open Internet (e.g., on YouTube), then displaying such a video in an educational class or workshop is acceptable, provided that it is played live from the Internet rather than copied or downloaded. Similarly, displaying a live website (i.e., in the browser) is permissible.

Can teachers look at your social media?

A: Yes. Once you post something online it’s pretty much fair game for anyone (school officials, current or potential employers, law enforcement officials) to dig up and review in whatever way your social media platform’s privacy settings allow. No search warrants or other special permission is required.

Can schools use Netflix?

An exemption to the U.S. Copyright Law permits the use of streaming services and other performance displays in the course of face-to-face teaching activities in a nonprofit educational institution, classroom, or similar place devoted to instruction.

Can teachers see your phone?

Everyone has a right to their private information, so school administrators cannot view things like text messages, emails, photographs, or other private information that the public does not have access to on a student’s phone without consent.