Who is James Reid’s wife?

Nadine Lustre
Partners Christophe Bariou (2021-Present), James Reid (2016 – 2020)
Musical career
Genres Pop OPM
Instruments Vocals

Is James Reid in a relationship?

Meanwhile, James remains single and busy with his music career. Aside from recently signing two new artists to his label — including actress Liza Soberano — the singer-actor is releasing a brand new EP for his fans this coming September.

How tall is James Reid?

1.73 m
James Reid / Height

How old is James Reid now?

29 years (May 11, 1993)
James Reid / Age

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Who is James Reid business partner?

In a report by ABS-CBN News published today, May 31, the “Beauty and the Bestie” star shed light on his real relationship status, a couple of weeks after netizens insinuated that something is going on between him and the actor’s business partner James Thomas.

Does James Reid have a child?

The couple, known as JaDine, has been together for three years and counting. Reid admitted last March that they live together, and while they have not made their mind up on kids, the two are fur parents to a corgi named Calcifer.

Who is James Reid crush?

Ex-PBB housemate James Reid: “We got along very well”. Visit our official website!

How old is James from donut?

Donut Media’s James Pumphrey Recalls the 12-Hour Heart Attack That Nearly Killed Him. When Donut Media editor in chief James Pumphrey accepted the Streamy Award for Sports on Dec. 11, the celebratory event was a far cry from where the 34-year-old had been a month ago. On Nov.

Is James Reid leaving Philippines?

MANILA, Philippines — Actor James Reid has left the Philippines to pursue his career in the US. James’ sister Chantal Calicdan shared photos and videos of James at the airport on Instagram. “Go rockstar!

How old is Nadine Lustre?

29 years (October 31, 1993)
Nadine Lustre / Age

Are James Reid and Nadine still friends?

If you still want to reminisce the couple’s good times, fret not—because there are still plenty of couple photos to peruse on James’ Instagram. Plus, he and Nadine still follow each other and have remained friends even after their breakup!

How long was Nadine Lustre and James Reid together?

Nadine and James broke up in January 2020 after four years of being together.