Who is Jamie Durie’s partner?

Durie is currently engaged to Ameka Jane.

Who is Jamie Duries father?

My parents, Dave and Joy, split when I was 10. We were living in a West Australian mining town, Tom Price, but then Mum, my older brother, Chris, and I moved to the Gold Coast to be with my maternal grandparents.

How old is Jamie Durie?

52 years (June 3, 1970)
Jamie Durie / Age

How tall is Jamie Durie?

1.72 m
Jamie Durie / Height

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Has Jamie Durie got children?

Taylor Durie
Jamie Durie / Children

Has Jamie Durie had a baby?

Celebrity gardener Jamie Durie, 52, is expecting his third child – one year after welcoming baby daughter Beau with fiancée Ameka Jane.

How short is Jamie Durie?

1.72 m
Jamie Durie / Height

How old is Jamie Duries daughter?

I’m just so proud of the woman she’s become, and to see how she operates in work is amazing.” Now 27, Jamie’s eldest daughter is the apple of his eye.

Does Jamie Durie sing?

Disney Dads: Jamie Durie sings ‘Just Keep Swimming’

Why did Jamie Durie stop hosting the block?

It was a real mental strain thinking I may not be able to work again. It was really upsetting. [But] I’ve got at least another decade on the tools. I’ll give up when my body tells me to.”

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