Who is Kristen from Basketball Wives married to?

Kristen Scott of Basketball Wives show has been married to Thomas Scott since 2012.

Why isn t Kristen Scott on Basketball Wives?

Kristen Scott

In an exclusive statement to The Jasmine Brand, Scott announced her exit, with a rep telling the outlet: “Kristen is very grateful for the opportunity she had with Basketball Wives. Currently, she is focusing on other endeavors, family, and the launch of her Children’s book: BROCCOLI HAIR.

Who is Kristen from Basketball Wives baby daddy?

My Son Is One Blessed, Handsome Youngman, Because My Father THOMAS CALVIN CARTER R.I.P. was HANDSOME, Talented, and Blessed.

Are CeCe and Kristen still friends?

They come over the house and all of that. And London and I have a great relationship. I spend a lot of time with her kids, the grandkids. Kristen and Thomas and I don’t speak, still to this day,” she said.

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Are Malaysia and Kristen related?

So, now Byron has a son named Thomas, who surprise, surprise is also Malaysia’s cousin. Thomas has a wife named Kristen. See how easy that was? All Malaysia had to say is that she has two cousins and these are their significant others.

Did CeCe marry Byron?

Like so many other couples who have had to reconsider their wedding plans during the COVID-19 pandemic; the happy couple, reality tv star CeCe, 47-year-old and Byron, 59-year-old ex NBA player and former Los Angeles Lakers coach took precautions and kept their wedding private, and intimate celebration.

Did Mrs D know CeCe was her daughter?

* Mrs. DiLaurentis didn’t know Charlotte was CeCe until the day they left for Cape May. (You know, when Jason asked if he could bring his girlfriend on the family trip.

Did CeCe get pregnant?

Schmidt admits his feelings for Cece and proposes to her in Clean Break and they marry in Landing Gear. Cece is revealed to be pregnant with their first baby in Five Stars for Beezus.

Who is Byron Scotts wife?

Byron Scott/Wife

How old is CeCe from Basketball Wives?

How old is CeCe from Basketball Wives? CeCe celebrates her birthday on April 27th. She was born in 1972 making her 47 years old in 2019.

Who are Byron Scott’s children?

Byron Scott/Children

Where is Byron Scott now?

Byron Scott is the current head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.