Who is Kurtwood Smith in regular show?

Kurtwood Smith: Gene, Gene the Vending Machine.

Who does the voice of Benson on regular show?

Cartoon Network – Sam Marin (voice of Benson, Pops, and Muscle Man) on Regular Show | Facebook.

What movies has Kurtwood Smith played in?

Kurtwood Smith/Appears in

Who played the father on the 70 show?

Kurtwood Smith was a veteran character actor for decades before playing Red Forman, the quintessential gruff sitcom dad with a heart of gold — who was forever surrounded by “dumbasses” and “morons.” After That ’70s Show wrapped, he went back to playing utilitarian characters, appearing on series like 24, Medium, Agent

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Who is Hyde’s real father?

William Barnett
Steven Hyde / Father

What is Red short for That 70s show?

Reginald Albert “Red” Forman is a main character on That ’70s Show and That ’90s Show.

Is the dad from That 70s Show still alive?

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Kurtwood Smith
Occupation Actor, voice actor
Years active 1970–present
Spouses Cecilia Souza ​ ​ ( m. 1964; div. 1974)​ Joan Pirkle ​ ( m. 1988)​
Children 2

What ethnicity is Wilmer Valderrama?

Valderrama was born in 1980 in Miami, Florida, to Balbino A. and Sobeida Valderrama. His father is Venezuelan and his mother is Colombian.

Where is Topher Grace now?

Topher Grace (Eric Forman)

He garnered attention for his portrayal of controversial politician David Duke — the former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan — in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman in 2018. The New York native currently stars in the ABC sitcom Home Economics, which premiered in April 2021.

Who replaced Lisa Robin Kelly on That 70s Show?

Here’s why actress Christina Moore took over the role of Laurie Forman from Lisa Robin Kelly during That ’70s Show season 6, and how the original star’s career, and life, were ultimately cut short.

Why isn’t Laurie in season 4 of That 70s Show?

Lisa Robin Kelly was written out of the show with an explanation that the That 70s Show Laurie character went off to beauty school. It had since been revealed that Kelly’s newfound fame was a bit too much to handle.

Why did they change Laurie?

However, most modern audiences probably recognize her as the woman who replaced Lisa Robin Kelly on That 70s Show in the role of Laurie Foreman. Kelly was fired from the show because producers could not handle her constant drug and alcohol usage, which eventually cost her her life in 2013.