Who is Laura Theodore married to?

Andy Ebberbach
Laura Theodore / Spouse

How old is Laura Theodore?

65 years (December 11, 1957)
Laura Theodore / Age

Is jazzy vegetarian married?

In 2006, Theodore started developing a cooking show with her husband, Andy, and shopped it to stations around the country.

Who is the lady of jazzy vegetarian?

Laura Theodore is a recognized public television personality, vegan PBS celebrity chef, nationally renowned jazz singer and award-winning cookbook author. She is co-creator of the highly successful Jazzy Vegetarian vegan cooking series on national public television.

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How old is Laura the Jazzy Vegetarian?

65 years (December 11, 1957)
Laura Theodore / Age

Why is Laura Theodore vegan?

About twenty years ago, Laura decided to become a vegetarian for health reasons. At the time, vegetarian recipes were hard to come by so Laura began to invent her own, transforming traditional family recipes into vegetarian-friendly treats.

Who is the urban vegetarian married to?

The Urban Vegetarian Cookbook, Second Edition (368 pages) was authored by Nancy Forte, with the assistance of her beloved husband, James Forte, at the urging of family and friends.

Where is the Jazzy Vegetarian from?

Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, with a cashew loaf. The program, The Jazzy Vegetarian, features Theodore, who lives in Bloomingdale, cooking with guests—actors, musicians and nutritionists. They create vegan versions of mainstream dishes she grew up eating in Ohio.

Is Anushka vegetarian?

Anushka Sharma’s Inspiration Behind Going Vegetarian:

Her dog, Dude also plays a pivotal role behind this life-changing decision. Few years back in an interview she has stated that her dog doesn’t like meat and that has influenced her in a good way to turn into a vegetarian.

Which celebrity is pure vegetarian?

  • Aug 13, 2022. Fittest Bollywood celebs who follow a pure vegetarian diet.
  • ​Shahid Kapoor.
  • ​Shraddha Kapoor.
  • ​John Abraham.
  • ​Sonam Kapoor.
  • ​Rajkummar Rao.
  • ​Vidya Balan.
  • ​Kartik Aaryan.

Is Johnny Depp vegan or vegetarian?

Johnny Depp has been a vegan for 2 YEARS NOW! One more reason to love him! I can not believe he is 52 already. Karishma Maharaj and 515 others like this.

Is Ariana Grande a vegetarian?

Ariana Grande

The songstress has been vegan since 2013. As she explained in an interview published in December 2014 in The Mirror, she made the switch because of her love for animals. “I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding,” she said.