Who is married to Richard Thomas?

Richard Thomas/Spouse

Does Richard Thomas have kids?

Richard Thomas/Children

Does Richard Thomas have triplets?

Thomas married Alma Gonzales in 1975. In 1976, they had a son, Richard Francisco. Triplet daughters (Pilar, Barbara, and Gwyneth) were born in 1981.

How old is Richard Thomas now?

71 years (June 13, 1951)
Richard Thomas / Age

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Did any of The Waltons date each other?

The love stories carried over behind the scenes. Ma and Pa Walton — Ralph Waite and Michael Learned — quietly fell on love on set. And remember Jason and Toni, who we just mentioned in the prior paragraph? Well, actors Jon Walmsley and Lisa Harrison tied the knot in real life in 1979!

What nationality is Richard Thomas?

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Where is Richard Thomas today?

Thomas is now based in Santa Fe, but New York is where he grew up, and where his parents — ballet dancers — owned the New York School of Ballet. He even went to Columbia College, studying Chinese and then English, before dropping out to act full time.

How old is John-Boy Walton today?

The actor, now 71, embraces his early stardom on “The Waltons.”

Is Richard Thomas hearing impaired?

When Richard was in his 30s, he was diagnosed with cochlear otosclerosis. It is a condition which is primarily a bone disorder that affects the bones of the middle ear. Because of the condition, Richard lost 50% of his hearing and wears hearing aids.

Is the real John-Boy Walton still alive?

In real life, John-Boy was indeed Hamner, creator and narrator of the show as well as author of Spencer’s Mountain. Now he is gone. He was 92, a veteran of World War II, one of America’s best-loved writers and, as the narrator of The Waltons, a much-loved voice.

Is the real Olivia Walton still alive?

Michael Learned (born April 9, 1939) is an American actress, known for her role as Olivia Walton in the long-running CBS drama series The Waltons (1972–1981).

Michael Learned
Learned in a publicity photo as Olivia Walton, 1972
Born April 9, 1939 Washington, D.C., U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1961–present

Which Waltons have passed away?

Ellen Corby (Grandma) 1999 age 87 natural causes in Woodland Hills, CA. Dorothy Stickney (Miss Emily) 1998 age 101 at her home in NYC. Cleavon Little (Hawthorne Dooley) 1992 age 53 of colon cancer in Sherman Oaks, CA. Woodrow Parfrey (Ike Godsey) 1984 at age 61 of a heart attack in LA.