Who is Mary Davis married to?

Randy Travis
Mary Davis / Spouse (m. 2015)

Randy Bruce Traywick, known professionally as Randy Travis, is an American country music and gospel music singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor.


Does Randy Travis have a wife?

Randy Travis/Wife

What was the age difference between Randy Travis and his wife?

Randy met Lib in North Carolina when he was just a teen while Lib was managing a country club. The couple – who had sixteen years of age gap – tied the knot in 1991. Lib was already almost forty then, when they moved out to North Carolina together.

How old is Randy Travis?

63 years (May 4, 1959)
Randy Travis / Age

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How old is Mary Travis now?

63 years (May 4, 1959)
Randy Travis / Age

How did Randy Travis meet Mary Davis?

It was 1977 and 17-year old Randy Traywick, or now popularly known for his stage name Travis auditioned for a talent competition held at a club in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he became friends with the 33-year-old club owner Mary Elizabeth ‘Lib’ Hatcher.

What is Mary Travis worth?

The estimated net worth of Mary T Travis is at least $1 Million dollars as of 2022-12-25. Mary T Travis is the Former Board member of Medifast Inc and owns about 12,583 shares of Medifast Inc (MED) stock worth over $1 Million.

Who was Mary Davis married to before Randy Travis?

She was Married Before

Mary Davis was previously married to Dr. Ritchie Beougher, a Dallas cosmetic dentist. She used to work at the Willow Bend Dental office as her then-husband’s office manager too. Davis and Ritchie have two children: daughter Cavenaugh and son Raleigh Beougher.

What was Randy Travis biggest hit?

Randy Travis, 1990

Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart” was a Travis single in 1990 that spent four weeks at No. 1. This is the singer’s longest-lasting No. 1 hit.

How long has Randy Travis been with Mary?

Randy Travis + Mary Travis Love Story

After 19 years of marriage, the couple ended things in 2010.

Where did Jordan Davis meet his wife?

Jordan Davis’ wife is an attorney

According to PEOPLE, Davis met O’Connor by chance in 2014 at a New Orleans hotel. O’Connor at the time lived in Virginia and had traveled to New Orleans to attend a friend’s wedding. Davis had also come to New Orleans from Nashville for his college roommate’s wedding.

How rich is Jordan Davis?

Jordan Davis’ base salary for 2022 is $705,000, with a signing bonus of $2.4 million. He has a cap hit of $3.1 million and dead cap value of $17 million.