Who is Matt Mahan San Jose?

Matthew Mahan (born November 18, 1982) is an American politician and tech entrepreneur, now serving his first term on the San Jose City Council as the District 10 Councilmember representing the Almaden Valley, Blossom Valley, and Vista Park neighborhoods.

Who is the new mayor of San Jose?

Office of Mayor Sam Liccardo | City of San Jose.

How much do San Jose City council members make?

(a) Each member of the council other than the mayor shall receive a salary of $2,118.89 per month. (b) The mayor shall receive a salary of $3,764.52 per month. Charter Language (Article VI.

Who is San Jose’s new mayor 2022?

A top-two primary was held on June 7, 2022, and no candidate received more than 50% in this primary election. Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez and San Jose City Councilmember Matt Mahan advanced to a November 8 runoff election. On November 16, Cindy Chavez conceded the race to Matt Mahan.

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How many terms can a mayor serve in San Jose CA?


The mayor serves a four-year term and is limited to two successive terms. There are 65 people who have served as mayor in San Jose since 1850, when California became a state following the American Conquest of California.

How long has Sam Liccardo been mayor?

Samuel Theodore Liccardo (born April 16, 1970) is an American attorney and politician from California and mayor of San José, California, a position he has held since January 1, 2015. A member of the Democratic Party, Liccardo was elected mayor in November 2014. He was reelected in 2018 with 75.8% of the vote.

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Who is the voice of San Jose?

Angela Tirado – Community Advocate – The Voice of San Jose | LinkedIn.

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Does San Jose have an accent on the e?

San José is a proper noun and the accent mark should be used when referring to both the City organization and the community. Use of the accent mark should be avoided with all-caps or small-caps treatments. For instance, City of San José includes the accent mark, but CITY OF SAN JOSE does not.

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