Who is Megan in girl in the picture?

Who is Megan in The Girl in the Picture? Megan Dufresne was Suzanne’s youngest child, and it is thought her father was Franklin. Megan was born in New Orleans in 1989 and put up for adoption in the same year. She was adopted by Mary and Dean Dufresne — just one year before Sevakis’ death.

How many children did the Girl in the Picture have?

Tonya had one child, her son Michael Hughes, who was put in foster care after her death, the documentary explains. (Michael is not related to Floyd, BTW.) But Floyd eventually turned up at Michael’s elementary school in 1994 with a gun, abducted him, and shot him, the FBI says.

What is the story of the girl in the picture?

It’s based on the books A Beautiful Child and Finding Sharon by Matt Birkbeck, who also serves as executive producer. The story is centered around a young girl known as Sharon Marshall, who was abducted by a federal fugitive Franklin Delano Floyd and then raised as his daughter.

How many children did Suzanne sevakis have?

Sadly, she had left behind three children.

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What happened to Sevakis sisters?

The two sisters were then found in a local church and raised by Sandra with her new husband in Virginia. Both Allison and Amy Sevakis are now in their fifties and are said to live in Virginia.

What happened to the third child of Suzanne sevakis?

As described in the Netflix documentary Girl in the Picture, Suzanne Sevakis’s young son Michael met a tragic early end. He disappeared following his kidnapping, and after decades of denial, Franklin Floyd told investigators that he killed Michael on the same day he kidnapped the boy in 2015.

Who did Suzanne Sevakis have children with?

Suzanne was pregnant three times in her life, according to the Independent, and the world now knows about two of her children: Michael Anthony Hughes and Megan Dufresne.

Who is Megan Dufresne biological father?

Megan’s biological father remains publicly unknown, although it’s alleged that it’s Floyd. In honour of Suzanne and, Megan’s brother Michael – who was murdered by Floyd – Megan named one of her sons after Michael.

What happened to Sharon Marshall’s first child?

Popular Now. The documentary culminates in Marshall’s murder at the hands of Floyd (along with the revelation that Floyd had killed Marshall’s 2-year-old son).

Where is Suzanne Sevakis buried?

Suzanne Marie Sevakis is buried in the Park Grove Cemetery at the location displayed on the map below. This GPS information is ONLY available at BillionGraves.

Who was Michael’s biological father in the girl in the picture?

Investigations later revealed that Sevakis dated Gregory Higgs while living with Floyd in Phoenix, Arizona, and eventually got pregnant, later giving birth to Hughes in 1988. Sevakis had eloped with Higgs right before she was to go off to college, but Floyd tracked them down and brought her back.

How many children did Sharon Marshall have?

What Happened To Suzanne Sevakis’ Kids, Seen In Netflix’s ‘Girl In The Picture’? Kidnapping victim Suzanne Sevakis — under the names Sharon Marshall and Tonya Hughes — had three children, including Michael Hughes and Megan Dufrense.