Who is Melora Hardin married to?

Personal life. Hardin has been married to actor Gildart Jackson since 1997. They have two daughters, Rory and Piper.

How did Melora Hardin meet her husband?

On “The Office,” Melora Hardin’s character, Jan Levinson, certainly knows a thing or two about workplace romance. And as it turns out, so does Melora. “I met my husband at a wrap party.

Was Melora Hardin in back to the future?

Melora Hardin admits that it was devastating being axed from “Back to the Future” for simply being taller than the film’s star, Michael J. Fox. Hardin was 17 when she was originally cast as Jennifer Parker in the classic ’80s film alongside Eric Stoltz, who was set to play Marty McFly.

How old is Melora Hardin?

55 years (June 29, 1967)
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Why did Melora leave The Office?

Melora Hardin (Jan Levinson)

Jan’s role on The Office after her breakup with Michael becomes less important, which is part of why actress Melora Hardin disappeared from the show. On the podcast, An Oral History of The Office, Hardin also revealed that she never felt a true sense of belonging on set.

Does Melora Hardin have children?

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Does Melora Hardin have a daughter?

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Is Melora Hardin Maggie’s mom in real life?

In real life, the actresses behind those roles don’t have to worry about any of that toxicity. Allison and Melora aren’t actually related, but they portray a very realistic pair of family members onscreen. Allison’s portrayal of Maggie has been one of the biggest career moves she’s made as an actress.

Who is Melora Hardin in friends?

Way back in 1995, Hardin appeared in the first season of Friends in the episode The One with the Stoned Guy, memorably portraying Celia (the dirty talking bug lady), a museum co-worker of Ross Geller’s (David Schwimmer) with whom he went on two dates.

Is Melora Hardin related to Jerry Hardin?

Hardin was born in Texas and studied acting at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art before beginning his acting career in New York. He is married with two children, one of whom is actress Melora Hardin.

Who is Patty in a million little things?

Melora Hardin: Patricia Bloom.

How old is Jerry Hardin?

93 years (November 20, 1929)
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