Who is Naomi Judds husband?

Naomi Judd/Husband

Is Naomi still married to Larry Strickland?

Larry Strickland is sharing some insight into the life of his late wife Naomi Judd. In late April, it was confirmed that the country superstar died by suicide at the age of 76. During CMT’s Naomi Judd: A River of Time memorial special aired May 15, Strickland opened up about his wife’s lasting legacy.

How long was Naomi Judd married to her husband?

Naomi Judd apparently left nothing to her two daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd, in her will, instead appointing her husband of 33 years, Larry Strickland, as the executor of her estate.

What happened to Wynonna Judd’s husband?

Their ability to stick by one another’s side is nothing new; in August 2012, just months after their wedding, Moser was injured in a motorcycle accident and had his left leg amputated above the knee. At the time, Judd called her husband a “champion,” and said she would not “leave his side.”

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Who did Naomi leave her estate to?

What is less common is the fact that Naomi Judd apparently disinherited both of her daughters, and her grandchildren, leaving her entire estate — estimated to be valued at approximately $25 million — to her husband, Larry Strickland.

How did Cactus lose his leg?

Cactus Moser, husband of Wynonna Judd, had his left leg amputated above the knee at a Rapid City, S.D., hospital following a motorcycle accident Saturday. His leg was “severed at the scene of the accident,” according to a statement from a Judd rep.

What does Elijah Judd do for a living?

Elijah Judd Leonard Fletcher (born December 23, 1994; Age: 27 years old) is an American celebrity child, media face, musician, singer, and internet personality.

Do Wynonna and Ashley have the same father?

Her parents are Naomi Judd, who later became a country music singer and motivational speaker, and Michael Charles Ciminella, a marketing analyst for the horse racing industry. Ashley’s elder half-sister, Wynonna Judd, is also a country music singer.

Who was Wynonna Judd’s first husband?

Wynonna and businessman Arch Kelley III had a son together before marrying in 1995. They had a second child together but divorced in 1998. Wynonna married again, to D. R. Roach, her former bodyguard, on November 22, 2003, in Tennessee.

Where is Ashley Judd now?

Ashley Judd is returning to the Democratic Republic of the Congo nearly one year after her near-fatal accident there. The actor and humanitarian, 53, shared on social media that she’s “feeling ready” to go back after shattering her leg in four places during a catastrophic fall there in February 2021.

Does Ashley Judd have a partner?

Dario Franchitti
Ashley Judd / Spouse (m. 2001–2013)

George Dario Marino Franchitti, MBE is a British former racing driver and current motorsport commentator from Scotland. He is a four time IndyCar Series champion, a three-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 as well as a winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona.


Why did the Judds break up?

After eight years as a duo, the Judds disbanded in 1991 after Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Wynonna began a solo career soon after, although she and her mother reunited on multiple occasions.